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  1. I have cut/hurt myself a few times in the past, and while it does appear to provide relief, it's actually not really helpful in any way and is incredibly temporary. It isn't a choice to be made in the hope that it will help you, it's an irrational and subconscious response to intense mental pain. It won't fix your mental state or any of your problems, it's just a way to punish yourself or to destroy something. If I were you I'd go for a really fast run until you are exhausted, or beat or scream into a pillow instead, as that will give you a similar feeling of adrenaline. Cutting won't help
  2. Thanks for all your advice everyone. We do live together, and he is self employed as a filmmaker/camera operator. Work has been sporadic recently and I know that he's been depressed about that because he feels he's failing. He owns the house, doesn't have a mortgage and he only asks for £100 per month rent from me to cover bills. I've got my own interests and hobbies, crafts and dancing and I've been going to the gym the last couple of months too, mainly just have an outlet, something to make me feel good. I made sure I was out all weekend last weekend to give him and myself some breathing spa
  3. So I've been with my boyfriend for around three years and we were so loved up, soulmates etc in the beginning. Recently things have been rough and I know he's thought about us breaking up and he says we have no intimacy anymore, but I am putting in so much effort all the time, trying to be closer etc and then all he seems to want is space. We hardly have sex anymore and I saw that he was liking slu*ty pictures and following slu*ty girls on instagram a few weeks ago. When I confronted him about it, he said how can I blame him when we haven't been intimate much recently. The thing is, I'm not th
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