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  1. Thank you for this. I completely agree, I’ve said it to him that it’s disrespectful. He’ll tell me he won’t post anything to do with her up to now as he doesn’t want to upset me. He’s so worried about not talking or me being in a mood with him. I just can’t make sense of it anymore. I have blocked and removed him from everything now
  2. Thank you. I don’t imagine she does know. He tells me she asks about me and if we communicate - but I can’t imagine anyone wants an ex fiancé of 5 years in his life. He still lives in the house we bought together. I will do what you said, although I have decided that I don’t wish to have communication with him. It’s too Bizzare and he goes from one thing to the next which I just don’t want in my life. One minute he’s got me in tears and the next saying he hopes we’ll meet up, that we’ll bump into eachother, that he wants good things for me, I’m the nicest girl he’s ever met. It’s made me so upset, which I didn’t think he’d ever do to me. I wanted him back very much, but I think the best approach is to leave him to it and the person he’s dating
  3. Thank you everyone for your replies :-)
  4. Hello, I felt the need to reply as I’m the same position. 8 months ago I broke up with my ex fiancée and I have found it impossible to move on. I came to realise that I deserve better and I have blocked and removed him from everything. You need to be kind to yourself x
  5. He is having his cake and eating it. I hate to say this, but could this be infactuation? a thrill? bit of excitement after a long marriage. I think in reality, there is alot to lose and he has probably realised that
  6. I honestly feel like things have to be left where they are. I couldn't stay with a partner who cheated on me, you never ever get over it. He would have known this was a likely outcome.
  7. Hello everyone, I wondered if I could please have some advice. I don't want to ask my friends or family at the moment, as it seems so silly. I was with my ex for a long long time. We were engaged and had a wedding booked. I then lost my dad and the grief just consumed me. My ex worked a lot and I wasn't a priority. We broke up last feb but soon got back together and made it work. In August however we broke up and I moved out in October. Pretty much straight away he removed all pictures of me from that year (all others are there), removed me from social media and was out dating - very sadly from people our 'mutual' friends (NOT NOW) had set him up with. He acted fine, he acted cold when I would just sit and cry. From December for over 2 months I blocked him, I just didn't want someone to be like that with me when I still loved them. I reached out, I expressed how I felt to no avail. At the start of March, my mum asked for something on my behalf as I hadn't spoken to him - his response to her was that it was a shame that I didn't decide to reach out myself as it had been some time and he would always care for me..... So I rang him and said that it wasn't me trying to be unfair, but it had been some time and I believed it to be the best approach. 4 weeks ago, he had me in tears as he rang shouting at me and during that conversation told me he had met someone and was very happy. He hadn't gone looking for her but she 'fell on his lap' and he was enjoying it. With the current pandemic, he has gone different. He will reply to messages, check in with how I am and if I need something and he has a missed call, he will call me back. One thing that is bizzare is that he has said to me 'he wishes I could just leave it on a nice message (as we often argue) where I make him smile, as the door is then open for future communication', 'that he loved me deeply'....but then the next sentence goes back to him being happy, him dating, his closest people knowing about her. He will then contradict again and say how he hasn't posted any pictures or shared where they have been, as he doesn't want to upset me and never will. Even if he was getting married, he would still not want to upset me. How he wishes he had an app on his phone where he could check if I was ok each day, how he doesnt want to not have pictures of me as I was the happiest years of his life, how I should add him on social media as he wants to know i'm happy - and when he feels it is right he will accept...and we should now be at the point where we can meet and go for coffee. I love this man deeply, I never stopped, but I can't help but feel he is very confused. I have asked for a copy of a letter recently regarding our old home and he has ignored me, but If I had text for example saying I was blocking him, he would just ring me right away. Why does he fluctuate so much with being kind and then not being so nice? Am I best to just block him on everything and move forward? Why does he feel the need to tell me that he is 'happy' with someone?
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