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  1. I really need some words of encouragement. I am 7 days into no contact and my ex has called me every day except yesterday. This morning he sent me a bunch of texts saying he missed me, wanted to see me, and asking if he could come over. It's so hard for me to not give in but nothing is changing and I am just so mentally and emotionally exhausted from the situation. I'm literally drained. Every time I do talk to him or see him, it's straight back to the same crap. He will ignore me until it is convenient for him, he wants everything on his terms, he just treats me like crap. But I feel so bad ignoring him. Ugh.
  2. They were apart for 4 months before we got together. And yes, he had dated other girls in between prior to me but it would be for like a month tops. We were together for a year and a half.
  3. I did not mean it as if she got pregnant herself obviously. Someone asked how long they were together. I was saying they were on and off for 5 years. Honestly what happened was he met her, she claimed she was pregnant but wasn't so he did the right thing and chose to be with her and she ended up getting pregnant a few months later all while lying that she was already pregnant. This is why I say at the end of my post to please be nice because some people act so rude and judgemental. But you are right, I will find someone better.
  4. Thank you so much! This makes me feel so much better.
  5. No. They were together on and off for 5 years. He dated like 5 other girls in between. They never even dated before she got pregnant. She just got pregnant and he chose to be with her for the baby.
  6. My boyfriend of a year and half left me to go back to his kids mom. He told me he was just going through things mentally and how could he make me happy if he wasn't happy. Then come to find out they are back together and she is posting pictures of them on social media and he stopped talking to me. And I am just so devastated, I feel like I can barely breath. I know the obvious, that I need to move on. But I just need some words of encouragement or advice. I have no one to talk to. Please be nice.
  7. I don't have the new address is what I am saying. So I was just going to message his brother asking for the address, as it is his brother's house he is living at now. I don't want to break no contact at all with him but feel kind of immature asking his brother for the address. Maybe I am just thinking about it too much. I'll just ask his brother.
  8. So my ex lived with me at one point and so we obviously changed his address to here. Well before I fully cut him off, I asked him for the confirmation number in the email USPS sent him when we changed it so then I could go back in and change it to his now new address. I asked him for the confirmation number and his new address so I could change it. He ignored me every time and would always change the subject. Now keep in mind, I do know where he lives, so it's not like he just doesn't want to give me the address. So now I am currently in no contact with him and today he sent me a screenshot of the email with the confirmation number but not his new address. I refuse to break no contact for any reason at all whatsoever but I do want his mail to stop coming here. So I was thinking of just messaging his brother for the address instead. (He lives with his brother.) Is that silly or should I just ask him again for the address or should I just do nothing at all? If I do nothing, he will never go in himself and change it and his mail will keep coming here. Please no negative replies. I have posted in here before and some people were really rude.
  9. So my boyfriend got fired from his job last Wednesday. He literally loved that job and made really good money. He stayed the rest of the week with me and was okay, well as okay as he could be. I could tell he was down in the dumps though. Friday night he went home, since then he has barely talked to me. But not just me, he won't be active on Facebook for a day at a time, doesn't get on Snapchat, no social media, doesn't wanna answer his phone. He'll talk to me once a day. He says he's just been playing video games all the time and bummin' at home. He doesn't want to break up, I get that much from him. But he doesn't say much else. I guess I just don't know what to do. I Googled stories like this and it seems like he is just depressed and needs space but at the same time I want to be there for him. I just don't know what to do. I'm so confused. Any advice or if anyone has been through something similiar, please help me out here.
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