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  1. I love him and he fought for me. We were supposed to get married. We planned for a secret marriage. I trusted him. Something really terrible must have happened when he came home. I just couldn't understand how parents and family can be so cruel.
  2. His family is very threatened because he fought for me before and now they are doing everything by blackmailing him. I do agree with everyone that I did the right thing by severing ties but it is really a struggle. I still couldn't sleep well. I feel miserable.
  3. Hi! I was supposed to get married with my ex boyfriend. He is a Hindu and I am Christian. His parents doesn't approve of our relationship but he fought for me. They even threatened to disown him. I tried to prove my love and even reach out to his sibling. I told him that I love his brother so much and I am hoping they will give me a chance but all he did is told their father about it to ignite fights and told him I am trying to enter their lives. Their father got mad at my ex. I was not even allowed to post and tag photos on social media but we stayed strong. The greater mess started when he went home for Diwali. We couldn't talk properly and every time we would talk, his mother would unplug the wifi router. How rude can you be? I felt like a criminal. I just wanted affection and assurance but then he started treating me so badly. I know someone is manipulating him against our relationship. I felt so bad for myself. End of January, I cut all communications with him but I am still struggling. I am feeling depressed, betrayed and lost. I treated him like a family. We had so much plans for our future but everything got destroyed now. I just want to get this all out. I am feeling so down. :(
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