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  1. Thank you for all the replies. Really appreciate all your advice! Cheers!
  2. Thanks for replying to my thread Danzee and Chai. Yeah they are both overseas but if anything its the opposite I think haha since I am the one from a less developed country in both cases. Maybe that's why they lost interest. I agree with what both of you said, I wouldn't have use online dating if I could find someone within my social circle, so I thought online dating is a good way to expand my social circle. Thanks again!
  3. Hey, so I recently started online dating, made an account on okcupid. I didnt have much luck in the beginning but after I changed my profile bio and added some new pictures I started seeing likes and matches, so I matched with this girl from another country and we started talking, I think she was interested in me because she would ask me questions and reply pretty quick. I asked for her number and we talk a little bit more for the next few days and I noticed that she starts to lose interest...I feel as if she's only replying just to be polite and she's taking hours to reply. I was flirting wit
  4. Hey! I've enrolled in college for about 6 months now. I used to be a really shy guy, bad at making new friends and all but when I started college I started saying hi to everyone and be friends with anyone given the chance. Its a little difficult and awkward at first but I kind of got the hang out it and now I know quite a lot of people which is great! Although we were kind of friends, we greet each other and all but usually thats it...I just cant connect with them. I have a few friends that are bit closer than the rest but it not the same feeling i get when i hang out with the ones I met in
  5. Thanks DanZee! Will try to work up the courage to do so.
  6. Hi, started college few months ago and I saw this attractive girl that I wanted to approach but I never know how. I don't really see her often because she's from a different course. When I do see her, she's always wearing her earphones and studying or sitting with her group of friends which makes it hard for me to approach her. I don't really have problems approaching random people, saying hi and starting a conversation but I find it really hard to do that when I am attracted to that person. Today I walked past her and made eye contact with her but she looked away quickly. Would it be a goo
  7. Hi, so I(18) have a crush on this girl(19). We have classes together and we knew each other for more than a month. We don't really talk but text sometimes. I asked her out on valentine and we hang out for a few hours but her guy best friend was there as well...I'm not sure if he's there to keep an eye on me or whatever but he came to pick up something from her, hang with us for awhile and left. We had some alone time and we got talking. It was still a little awkward. Toward the end I said happy valentine to her, she just looked at me, smiled and left. So anyways, my friend is a good friend wit
  8. Thank you guys for your responds...I will do it once the time is right. Wish me luck!
  9. Hello I just got into college earlier this month and I met a lot of new people. There is this girl I am pretty attracted to. I've been in 2 relationships before this but both of them are LDR and most of the talking happen on text. I am more bold when I were chasing my exes because I wont need to see them everyday if I screwed up. This is my first time trying to date someone that I will get to see almost everyday and I'm really nervous around her that I can't act like myself. We only talked a tiny bit during class. I followed her on Insta and casually replied to one of her story to strike up a
  10. Pippy...thank you for your advice and kind words...but its really hard for me to let go... Shes actually getting better now. She stopped harming herself, she's taking antidepressants and she seems to care more about me now. Its just really hard to let her go...
  11. thorough...would it be okay to tell me more about what happened ?
  12. We video called before and stuff. I think it's safe to say shes not a chatbot. We started chatting on this app "Hellotalk" then we moved to Whatsapp. I agree with what you said...actually we had a talk about this and agreed on it too...Thank you for your advice Danzee
  13. Hi me(17) and my gf(18) been together for about 3 months now. We met online and are planning to meet soon in 2018. We didn't meet on dating sites, both of us trying to learn new languages, and we just started talking. Anyways we shared quite a lot more view on how our life wanted to be, how we looked at things and stuff. We moved things a little too fast tbh at the beginning of the relationship but it seems okay now. I've been a little annoyed at our communication sometimes and we even talked about it a few times. I guess she is quite a passive person ? I'm not too sure...but I'm starting to f
  14. Hi, so I(17) been together with this girl(18 ) for almost 2 months now. We never met irl. We met online through language learning app. So a brief background about my gf. She used to have depression when we first got together. Now she's taking medication, she doesn't have them anymore or at least its under control. She's a pretty negative person at times. Now she is dealing with stress problems which isn't too big of a deal. Nothing significant I notice that is affecting the relationship yet. So the thing is I have some problems communicating with her. She isn't really like most friends I t
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