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  1. Basically I met this boy through my friend, who is his flatmate. I met him on his own 4 times after meeting him at a party. We were supposed to go on a date but he cancelled the date and he invited me to his the following week. After that, he only invited me over his. Never out. We spoke almost every day. After the 4th time seeing him, I asked if he actually wanted to go out and do something and then he replied saying he doesn't want to lead me on (bit late for that). Anyway, the following week I was with my friend and he turned up, he was talking, said hi etc and then was all over one of the girls we were with. I was trying to pretend it didn't bother me, but when we went back to another friends house, he slept with the girl when I was in the next room! I went home after that. I was so hurt. First off this is morally wrong for him to do that, when he knew I liked and it was only a week previous I stayed with him. I messaged him the next day saying it was messed up what he done. He read my message and ignored me. Not an apology nothing. Not heard from him since and that was a month ago. I unfollowed him on instagram but he still follows me and watches all my stories, why?! I was out the other night and bumped into my friend. We sat together at the table and he was there. I never looked in his direction, never spoke to him at all and he never spoke to me. Not even hi. After he left. I saw that he had watched all my stories I had posted from after he left. So my question is why? Why is he still watching my stories (and still following me), when it's clear I dislike him and won't be speaking to him?! I find it strange that even after sitting at the same table and denying his existance of being there, he is still watching all my stuff. He clearly doesn't like me or he wouldn't have hurt me like that. Baffled.
  2. Yeah he is really sweet when we're together. He works down south so I can only see him when he's back home. He's required to work every third weekend too so that's why I don't see him all the time. I assume he just hangs out with his workmates when he's down there. He works long shifts so always just goes home after work...or so he says!
  3. Haha never noticed that typo! Yeah i'm probably over thinking!
  4. We worked in a shop together and spoke a lot as we got on really well. At the time he said I was one of the only people he liked in the store. He had a gf at the time and I got a new job so we never spoke again until he randomly messaged me at Christmas time asking how I've been. When I left the store he told me "not to vanish off the face of the earth" and that he would miss me! Well we've seen each other every time he's been back up and have arranged to meet again next week. Not sure about the enthusiasm, we'll just arrange and then that's it. He is really nice when we go out though. He was ill the last time we went out and he still came out because he said he wouldn't get to see me for 2 weeks if he never and made an effort to dress smartly. I know what you're saying about real actions, it's confusing when all my friends get cute messages etc from the guys they are dating. So it was just making me wonder if he even likes me.
  5. So I need a bit of advice. I've been dating this guy for the past few weeks, we've been out three times so far as he works away and is only up a few weekends a month, but I'm unsure if he likes me. When we've went out, he's insisted on paying for everything, holds my hand and opens and closes the car door for me when I'm leaving. However, he's not yet complimented/ said anything nice to me, for example, not even anything like "you looked night tonight." And not said anything to imply he likes me. He also takes a good 14 hours to reply to one message but is contantly on social media. Yesterday in a discussion about going to the hair dressers i said I would never have my hair any other colour than brown and he replied saying he likes brunettes. Is this him hinting that he likes me? What do you all think, do you think he likes me or am I wasting my time? I also used to work with this guy 5 years.
  6. Thanks Andrina for your advice. You're right, if he liked me he would make more of an effort and do something about it. It's a bitter pill to swallow I guess but one that needs to be swallowed. If he messages me again trying to be sweet I'll need to tell him to stop doing it.
  7. When he does say sweet things he seems so genuine so it's hard to think he doesn't mean any of it. But you're all probably right, he probably is playing me because he's bored and what not. When he said, "it's so how good we get on but are so far away from each other" that should have been an indicator, right?
  8. So I'll try and keep this short. I'm just a bit confused and unsure of a situation. Last Christmas a work colleague who I have never met before (he moved to Canada before I started in 2015) came back over for a holiday and came to our Christmas night out. We got talking and he asked for my number. We went out before he went home and told me a few times he liked me. So 5 months down the line we still talk, but he's so hot and cold. We've tried calling each other a few times but because of the time difference always seem to miss each other. Sometimes he'll message me asking if I miss him. Other times he'll say he misses me and "needs me here". A few weeks ago he asked if I was going on holiday this year and told me to go to the same place as him so he can see me and then he'll completely ignore me for days. If I message him randomly saying sweet things he'll just ignore me. Increasingly it seems he only messages me when he's drunk. Except from last Friday - I had an important work event and he randomly messaged me wishing me luck which was quite nice. He told me he was sober that night and messaged me the next morning too. On the other hand, he ignores a good few of my messages weekly and I put on Facebook that I had just passed an important qualification and he never even mentioned it to me, no well done, nothing. But an hour later he messages asking what my plans for the weekend are. I know he was on Facebook because he tagged two people in something so must have saw my post. I also tagged him in something on Facebook today that he would have liked but he never even acknowledged it, yet he replies back to everyone else. Can anyone please shed some light on what they think is going on? Does he like me or is he playing some sort of game? What should I do? I know I'm probably stressing too much over someone who lives in another country and I'm not even sure he'll move back but it's so frustrating. He's so hot and cold and I don't know why. It constantly makes me feel like I've done something wrong. Can someone give me some advice please?
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