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  1. You need to delete all photos, delete from social media & cut off ALL contact. That means blocking her on everything and not being able to know she even exists. That is the only way to get over her. Trust me, been through it myself! It works wonders. Hope you feel better soon xxx
  2. He also would withhold intimacy from me. If i tried to hug this individual he would tell me to "get off him" and if I ever dared to touch him or cuddle him on the sofa or in bed he would tell me to get off him, he's too hot, i'm uncomfortable, he's "autistic" (he's not) or that he simply doesn't want any physical intimacy from me. Also, whenever I cried or got upset he would say things like "well why would I want to have sex with you tonight?! look at you!, you need to calm down for a few days before I want to have sex with you again". I forgot to add that this was a huge thing in the relation
  3. Before I start, please can people not comment saying "you need therapy" or "you need to look at yourself". I am receiving extensive therapy and treatment for why I let these people in and I know why I do it, because my father is a narcissist and therefore I seek out emotionally unstable partners. I am working on things. And i am trying, I wanted to share my story so others can recognise the signs and maybe feel like if they wanted to share theirs it might help them. This relationship went on for almost 2 years. Hi, I don’t know who is reading this but I needed to write this out becaus
  4. Thank you for your response....he says I can see him whenever I want still and call him whenever but I honestly don't feel like I can as he has also moved out so abruptly with hardly any explanation and wants space and I am SO HURT and emotional that I cant just call him and have a normal conversation.....is he insane? .....he says he has PTSD.....some other stuff going on....bla bla bla.......there was just a ridiculous amount of information. Do I just not speak to him at all? Do you think he will come back to me and realise he's made a mistake? Do you all think that he has hone
  5. I am just so confused he has said this since he left over the phone.....(I only called once to know where he was as I was worried about him)....: I still love you My feelings towards you haven't changed There is no one else There is no drugs involved This is the best thing for both of us WE ARE STILL IN A RELATIONSHIP WE HAVENT BROKEN UP SO I DON'T KNOW WHY YOUR MUM THINKS WE HAVE (he randomly text my mum about hiring a moving van before I even told her what had happened so she didn't have a clue what was going on which is fair enough)....... I will still see you Maybe in a months t
  6. I felt like it was so quick so I do agree with you. So thursday pm he came in from work and was very very very moody and wouldn't really speak to me so I asked how his day was. He then proceeded to tell me that everything is wrong in his head, he's confused, got mental health problems (he's on antidepressants anyway and has had a previous suicide attempt before)........he then said he was leaving very abruptly and said he didn't know where he was going to be staying. I said don't go you can stay here... He then said he will 'sort a room out or somewhere to stay at lunch time in work on
  7. Hi Thanks for all of your lovely responses. There is no drink or drug issues at all. He is just obsessed with gaming and says he needs space to think and be alone and process his issues because when he does try and process his issues, he gets withdrawn & unhappy which in turn affects me and then makes him feel guilty. It was all a bit of an odd story that didn't really fully make sense or add up. Yes we argued, but every couple argues and there was nothing BAD ever going on just some moodiness. I asked him and he said there is no one else.....but I find it hard to believe there isn't
  8. Hi everyone. I posted on here recently...about my boyfriend being so moody that it is very upsetting. We have lived together for about almost two years now... However, the other night we had a small minor argument as he said he was going through problems and he didnt know what they were and that he feels like he is overwhelmed with everything. I tried to be supportive and offered to talk through his issues with him however he got rude and snappy and shouted at me that he didn't know what was wrong and that it could be more than his issues and it could be the relationship or me. I then a
  9. Thank you for this answer I really appreciate it and I will try it a lot more and see what happens. I tried it today and it worked he came back around on his own! Thank you so much!!!
  10. You are right, I am selfish now youve put it like that....I will try to work on it
  11. I completley understand this response. I just dont understand why men need to process ‘things’. What ‘things’. Why doesn’t he discuss things with me? ;’( Also is it normal for this quiet and alone time to go on for days at a time? I’m so confused as he is still being off with me Thanks x
  12. Yes we live together. When you say wreck what do you mean sorry?
  13. Hey. This is really good advice I really appreciate it. I don’t think he seems like my ex partner as financially he is in order but I do agree with the mood swings. I do not believe I conciously go for projects (people who need work), however maybe this is subconciously something I do and it is a good point. Do you have any idea on what would make me behave like this? Thank you!
  14. I had a break up similar to this and we kept going back and forth and speaking a lot after a break up. You need to arrange for someone non-mutual between you both to exchange your clothes and items back to each other or you both will get sucked back in as he sounds unsure of his decision to leave you. He will therefore toy with you to make sure you don’t move on in this time until he moves on and finds someone else to feel secure. He will then drop you and you will be even more upset. You need to block him, and never speak again if he’s left you. I know it’s hard but I have recovered best
  15. Hi everyone. This is my first time posting on here for a few years since my last relationship. I broke up with my previous partner of 2 years after a health issue and him not being supportive, there were also other issues including him being unfaithful and gambling - he had debt collecters chasing him and I decided it was the best thing to leave the relationship so I ended it and blocked him on everything and never spoke with him again. I met my new partner soon after who I have been with for a year and a half and he is very supportive, there have been no financial issues between us and I comp
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