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  1. LaHermes......Thank you for your comments. 🙂
  2. abitbroken..............that was my plan all along. To see if I could find someone to sit with my dead, and reschedule, if possible, any appointments that he has coming up. The problem that she has with that is she wants me to be there no matter what and I need to figure out a way to do that. With respect to the court case, using her own words before the conversation took a downside, she said: "My attorney told me that I would most likely win and full custody awarded to her, because of the proof she has submitted showing the father of her child has shown no interest in being a part of her life." Nevertheless, I still would like to be there if it is at all possible, but to insist that I be there - with no regard as it concerns my father and leaving him all alone for even half a day, seems selfish to me. Sometimes all I can give is my best and that's all anybody can do.
  3. Jibralta....I am not reluctant to show up. I told her that when she knew the day and time of her court date, I would put it on my calendar and 'do my best to be there'. I said, 'do my best because I am a full time 24/7 caregiver to my dad. He suffers with dementia and a host of other issues and cannot be left alone for any lengthy period of time. In the event that I am not able to find someone to come to the house and look after him for a day, then it would not be possible for me to be there - I am not willing to leave him alone, unattended for even a day trip. Otherwise, I explained to her, she CAN count on me to be there for her and to support her. She has a history of emotional disorders and often blows up at me, her dad and her son. She's been in several treatment facilities and diagnosed with ODD. To my knowledge, she never received any medication to help with these outbursts. Our conversations are typically through face-time and are brief. In combination with my own health issues that keep me close to home, caring for my dad and not having found a reliable person to look after him should I need to take a trip away from home, has been very hard on me and I am sure, it's hard on her too, being a single mother to two children. As far as the package, my ex-husband was kind enough to ship it to me.
  4. lostandhurt....I think she is holding the package hostage as she had happily agreed at the beginning of our conversation that she would ship it to me the Monday after the 4th of July. When it didn't arrive, I followed up with a text message, but received no reply. Another text message was sent to her dad and nothing. I think she is angry with me, so she's keeping my package. I will just re-order from Amazon like some of you suggested. I sure do miss my conversations with my grandson and face-time with my granddaughter. I just don't get it.
  5. Okay....I am sorry to be so confusing. She has custody of her daughter, but has agreed to share custody with the baby's father. However, he has not shown any interest in the visiting his daughter, so my daughter has hired an attorney to obtain full custody of her daughter and revoke his visitation, is my understanding.
  6. Sorry for the confusion......she is going to court to obtain full and sole custody of her daughter who is a year old and fathered by a man who rarely visits her. I feel bad for her and her attorney assured her that she has made every attempt to involve the father in her life, but he wants no part of it. She asked me if I could come up there and be there for support. I told her to let me know the date and time and that I would 'do my best' to make it - but that wasn't good enough and she told me that I never make her a priority and now she's holding my package hostage, so I reached out to my ex-husband who lives with her, but nothing. I am so bewildered by all of this.
  7. Boltnrun......yes it's the same one. She has full custody of her daughter - now a year old. The baby's father has very little to do with her. She almost lost custody of her son, now 10, when she was videotaped threatening to cut her father's throat. She was able to retain custody of her son, but ordered to take anger management classes. As far as why she thinks I don't make her a priority, I can't answer that really. I have my own health issues to deal with and I care for my elderly father who is chronically ill. I do the best I can and travel to her home for birthdays when I am able to find someone to look after my dad. Maybe she expects me to keep my calendar open at all times for her, but I can't do that. I can only do the best I can and told her so.
  8. So, three weeks ago, I ordered a product from Amazon and forget to change the shipping address, so my product was shipped to my daughter's address (she lives 3 1/2 hours away). I called her that morning and explained the situation. I asked her if she could ship my package to my home and I would reimburse her for shipping costs. She happily agreed and told me it wasn't a problem. As our conversation continued and she told me that she would be going to court to obtain full custody of her daughter. Then she asked me if I could come and be with her for support. I told her to let me know when it is and I would be there if it was possible. I actually said, "I will do my best." There was a long pause. Suddenly she became upset and told me that my best is not good enough and that I needed to be there no matter what. I reminded her that I am a full time caregiver for my elderly father who is chronically ill and there are a few doctors appointment that he has coming up and he must be there, but I would try to do my best to be there for her. if I am able. Again, she told me it was not good enough and that I never put her first in my life. I ended the conversation with her and we have not spoken since that day (July 1). It is now July 17 and my package has not arrived. I sent her and her father text messages asking them to ship the package to me and I will gladly reimburse for shipping costs. Still nothing and no response. I let her know her great aunt passed away and received no reply. I don't know what to do now. Any suggestions?
  9. Andrina.....is the Estrace a safe alternative? How long have you been on it? I have heard plant based is a better alternative than animal based, but there is more of a risk with animal-based synthetic hormones.
  10. I am 64 and have been in menopause since I turned 50. I experience hot flashes, mood swings, vaginal tears and dryness. I was taking bio-identical hormones (plant based) and they were compounded for me. I took Bi-est, progesterone and testosterone. My doctor took me off of them, he thought they compromised my immune system. Now, all my symptoms are returned. I am now reconsidering going back on them, but I am not sure if they truly are safer than the synthetic kind. I am interested in a vaginal cream. I am low in estrogen. There's got to be something for women like myself that can get relief and not have to worry about the risks. Your thoughts please.
  11. LaHermes....thank you for the link. I will check it out. I am worried about my grandson's weight too. He has gained even more weight! She told me that the pediatrician told her he did not need to lose the weight, but he shouldn't put on anymore. Not sure if I believe this is true. I weighed in at 112, at 28 when I became pregnant with her! My boyfriend and I have already decided to book a hotel room for future visits.
  12. LaHermes....I am sure like most families that receive a visit from DHR, they present themselves very well. The only viable way to know for sure about the screaming, yelling and profanity is to question my grandson. To my knowledge, this has not been done.
  13. They need no invitation to visit. I have an open door policy here. They don't visit often because she doesn't like to drive long distance. She also knows her father can't care for the animals and she will not put them in a kennel. My boyfriend takes me to see my daughter and books a room, reminding me to call if things go bad. He spends his time hiking and biking on the mountain. It is something he would much rather do than hang around the house with my family, and they understand. However, knowing how unstable she is, I usually stay with her in order to spend more time with her and the grands. I don't care to see my ex husband, but I can't avoid it. He lives there and works from home. Actually, we get along very well. He is always gracious and kind to me when I visit. But when my daughter and ex husband get into a disagreement, they are nasty to one another, sometimes in the presence of my grandson. If she starts with me, then he will interject and make her stop. When these two go at each other is when I retreat to my room and wait it out. I am very uncomfortable and never know when she's gonna blow.
  14. Wiseman........ You are twisting my words, like you always do! The only time I retreat to my room is when she and her father start arguing. Otherwise, I am very present. Yes, it is bizarre, but I only did it because of financial reasons. I don't mind helping out with the clean ups, after all I have made some of the mess myself. It's the right thing to do. I take issue with your insinuating that I am giving off a contemptuous vibe, just because I choose to leave the room when they start arguing. Are you suggesting I join in the fight? That would be insane.
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