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  1. Andrina.....is the Estrace a safe alternative? How long have you been on it? I have heard plant based is a better alternative than animal based, but there is more of a risk with animal-based synthetic hormones.
  2. I am 64 and have been in menopause since I turned 50. I experience hot flashes, mood swings, vaginal tears and dryness. I was taking bio-identical hormones (plant based) and they were compounded for me. I took Bi-est, progesterone and testosterone. My doctor took me off of them, he thought they compromised my immune system. Now, all my symptoms are returned. I am now reconsidering going back on them, but I am not sure if they truly are safer than the synthetic kind. I am interested in a vaginal cream. I am low in estrogen. There's got to be someth
  3. LaHermes....thank you for the link. I will check it out. I am worried about my grandson's weight too. He has gained even more weight! She told me that the pediatrician told her he did not need to lose the weight, but he shouldn't put on anymore. Not sure if I believe this is true. I weighed in at 112, at 28 when I became pregnant with her! My boyfriend and I have already decided to book a hotel room for future visits.
  4. LaHermes....I am sure like most families that receive a visit from DHR, they present themselves very well. The only viable way to know for sure about the screaming, yelling and profanity is to question my grandson. To my knowledge, this has not been done.
  5. They need no invitation to visit. I have an open door policy here. They don't visit often because she doesn't like to drive long distance. She also knows her father can't care for the animals and she will not put them in a kennel. My boyfriend takes me to see my daughter and books a room, reminding me to call if things go bad. He spends his time hiking and biking on the mountain. It is something he would much rather do than hang around the house with my family, and they understand. However, knowing how unstable she is, I usually stay with her in order to spend more time with her and the gra
  6. Wiseman........ You are twisting my words, like you always do! The only time I retreat to my room is when she and her father start arguing. Otherwise, I am very present. Yes, it is bizarre, but I only did it because of financial reasons. I don't mind helping out with the clean ups, after all I have made some of the mess myself. It's the right thing to do. I take issue with your insinuating that I am giving off a contemptuous vibe, just because I choose to leave the room when they start arguing. Are you suggesting I join in the fight? That would be insane.
  7. Wiseman....it's better for me to stay in a hotel for so many reasons. I just don't know how to let her know that I will be staying in a hotel, after so many years of staying with her. It will hurt her feelings as well as my grandson's. I just wish I knew of what to say. There is no overt abuse or neglect, thank goodness.
  8. I wish she would acknowledge that she has issues with anger control. But she never will. The problem is the 'other' people. I honestly don't think my grandson sees a problem with the unsanitary conditions because that's all he has ever known. I see my daughter show him love and I also know that she loves him dearly. I also hear the harsh words and the screams that are so bad, I either leave the room or end the phone conversations. She goes can be collectively calm, then in an instant, she is yelling at him and sometimes uses profanity. She presents herself as a loving, kind, mother
  9. Wiseman....All I really know about her ex's is what she tells me. According to her, my grandson doesn't like to go with his father because he 'mistreats' him, and feeds him a lot of junk food. I honestly don't know if anything she tells me about her ex-husband is true. The father of her newborn, is an absent father. He has only seen her twice in 3 months. He has made it clear to her that he never wanted more children and although he expresses a desire to be a part of her life, he is not actively involved and does not help her with the finances. He tells his family and friends that she is de
  10. LaHermes.....Yes, he is doing great! He had to go to physical therapy and speech therapy. Today he is now 9 years old and to look at him, you would never know the ordeal he went through. He doesn't remember most of it either, thank goodness! My daughter and her ex husband have worked together for the good of their son. With all the other mishaps and disagreements, at least they were able to work together and took very good care of him during his recovery at home. Thank you for asking :-)
  11. Wiseman.....her ex-husband is still very present in my grandson's life. They have worked out a visitation arrangement where they alternate weeks and her ex husband will have every Wednesday with my grandson. It works for them and I am happy with that too! However, as far as child support, he doesn't pay her anything, just throws her a bone now and then. Her explanation to me is that, he has a job where he works 'under the table' and is paid in cash. Whether or not this is true, I really don't know. She has not pursued the child support because he did pay my grandson' daycare for several years.
  12. HeartGoesOn......I thought so too. As a matter of fact my daughter said that DHR told her, and these are her words, "I have seen the living conditions at your ex husband's home, and you keep your home much cleaner."
  13. boltnrun.....yes in April. They did an investigation, but found nothing that set off alarm bells. I am not accusing her of beating her son, but both she and her father have anger issues. She was ordered to anger management a few years ago after a family member (not me) recorded her as she threatened her dad with a knife. The screaming that I heard in that courtroom sent chills down my spine. I ran out of there crying. She went to anger management, be he did not--even though the attorney recommended that he go as well. When I share my concerns, I am accused of being 'judgemental'. I try t
  14. BecxyRex........she can't leave. She takes care of her father, and she doesn't like to drive, especially with an infant.
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