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  1. Hi, I have a guy friend I met a summer ago at an internship. We used to eat lunch together along with other interns so we became friends. After the internship we didn't keep in touch. This summer I was in a place where he happened to be there for university. I reached out and we hung out multiple times. We had a lot of fun and there were times when he indicated that he was interested (held my hand interlocked fingers). Anyway, I was going to finish summer work soon so I took a chance and told him about my feelings. I thought I was prepared for either answer. He however said that he thought I w
  2. Alright, would it still be worth it to tell him that probably I am
  3. Agreed, there were different set of people each time. He doesn't work at the same company and I was the only one he knew during all of the activities. He also held my hand when I was drunk and held me close a long time before letting me go. My other friends who were with me that day said that he might be interested
  4. Well, he is sweet and pays attention when I talk to him. Tells me about himself a lot. Asks me questions about my life. Shares his hobbies. All this happens when we are interacting in person. I hate to text and we don't have conversations on text at all. We just plan outings on text be it in group or just us. I'll be back in the same city permanently in three months
  5. Well when we met last year, we got to know each other a little bit. We didn't keep in touch during the year. This year when I knew I was going to be working in the same city, I reached out to him and we decided to hang with a couple other mutual friends. But this past couple of outings, It was two of us and my friends and at each outing there were different people that he didn't know. I was the only one he knew.
  6. I'll try to make it as brief as possible. A guy I met last summer and I reconnected this summer. He is a very nice guy and would give me hugs. We met a lot of times during the summer and the past last week met and did activities together at least four times. There were events which were both in group and also just us. Before that however, during one such group event he held my hand and interlocked fingers. He was very affectionate the remainder of the outing but when we were parting ways he went in for a hug but I was a bit drunk so I didn't hug him at all. After that for all our outings, our
  7. There's a guy I met a year ago at work through a friend. We were all interning and would eat lunch together. We didn't stay in touch after the internship. This year I was in his city again for work and he was here also so we made plans to hang out a couple times in a group. Somewhere I developed a strong liking for him as we both have similar dreams. He always hugs me when we see each other or part. The last two outings we had drinks too and he would take care of me. The last one in particular he offered me to hold his arm for support and at one point interlocked my fingers with his and put hi
  8. When I was going through something like this , ( in my case I was hurt he never reached out and when I did he didn't respond) I used distractions. I found myself thinking about him every time I was alone and had nothing to do. So I either made plans with friends and looked forward to it. This made my mind not think as much. I also started looking at videos of stuff to cook or dance to videos. I spoke to my friends for hours. Although I still would end up thinking about what went wrong or if there was a different way of how it could be, those activities assuaged it for sure.
  9. Try not to get very attached. He may or may not be dating some other woman. He may be just bad at understanding the importance of time especially the date's ! You can make him understand that. Afteralll, he still texted you making sure that everything was okay. If there is a change in his style of conversation, I would think that he may be dating someone else.
  10. What would you interpret from this sentence. I want to know this person but am not sure if we can start anything while in different states so I wrote something along the lines of "if we meet again"
  11. Armilla


    Well we keep in touch till the very end! And then after moving apart, I didn't send him a very sentimental text ! Just casually mentioned that it would have been nice. He went on to tell me what he was upto ! In respnse to that I sent him a normal question about something else that he had mentioned that time.
  12. Armilla


    Well. I think I would find it rude too. I used Facebook to send him that text and he saw it but never replied. I mean a day. With a friend I would find that rude.
  13. Armilla


    I went out with a guy once and we were both keen on meeting again. Due to circumstances,we both moved to different cities and by the end of summer, different states. I contacted him saying that I wished we had more time. He said that he wished for it too and left me a long message on what is going on with his life and also about something that I mentioned earlier. Now I texted him too after that asking him about something else , but he never replied ! Did he just get busy !? Do people meet again ?! I really liked him but was okay with things not working out but would like to keep in touch. I
  14. I have a lot of mutual friends. Do I cut all of them off ? Well when he told me about his feelings and I didn't reciprocate, these mutual friends asked me to be indifferent so that it didn't affect how we hung out in a group. I think I do feel obligated at the back of my head. I respond with shorter replies. He keeps asking questions. I even discussed it with one of our mutual friends and it didn't help as she had no idea that he was trying to be in touch. It was only on his birthday (again these mutual friends reminded me ) that I texted him wishing him birthday. And he responded with quest
  15. The internship was about two years ago. I was a junior.
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