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  1. Hope all is well! You seem to be doing great.
  2. Yes time does heal wounds!! I still think about it a lot. I think my main problem right now is anger with myself. Which is good because my atleast my focus is now on me lol. I'm just mad that I let something so obvious happen. But no need to dwell I guess, only make sure it doesn't happen again. You seem to have a good grasp on your situation. He maybe still wandering in the shadows but you are in control. You are in control of the sitation and your emotions. That is the best feeling I tell you. When you can just ignore he or she or tell that sucker "Not interested" with no pit at the bottom of your stomach. The benefits of self appreciation.
  3. Thank you Dominique, I hope all is well with your situation. You are always a blessing to hear from.
  4. @Seymore I find it funny when people say "I'm just being real", whenever they give advice but in a rude manner. If I go up to someone whose going through a heart break and say "You need to get the **** over it", that's rude. Sure me telling them that they need to get over it was correct, however, the way I said it masked the importance of my advice. All they will focus on is my tone and attiude. I probably did more harm then good with my approach to someone whose already in a vulnerable state. Imagine if a therapist screamed and used vulgarity while giving advice lol. My situation on this thread is not as extreme, but I have dealt with rude comments that does nothing for me but cause an uneasy feeling in me. I am being defensive, I admit that. I am responding with the same tone I'm being approached with. But no one knows me personally, and It's not their job to make sure that I like their approach. For now on, I just need to ignore it and stop letting it get to me. Something else I need to work on. I appreciate the advice, and lets not focus on other users. I expressed to them I'm not focusing on him anymore and some listen. Everyone once in a while I get someone who only reads the orginal post and comments solely on that. Which I understand to an extent. However, I've been giving updates. So comments such as "Stop worrying about him" is a bit redundant after I clearly stated "Working on myself, self esteem, and selfworth now. Trying to love me" -Something along those lines. It seems like you read the entire thread after you last post because your last post contradicted a lot of my current actions that I stated. And looks like we both incorrectly assumed something about the other Thank you and congrats on your experience, Au revoir.
  5. Good for you!!!!!! I don't know what I would do if he contacted me(he's blocked) but he's known for using different phones when he's blocked. To be honest, I need to change my number because a text from him is the last thing I need. Your ex seems at a desperate state, like he had no one else so he's appreciating the reassurance you once gave him. Like the person above me said, stay clear!!! Btw I love quote or tag "Don't tell someone to get over it. Help them get through it". A lot of people on here are blunt which I appreciate but some are condescending with their approaches. Kind of makes you feel worse while dealing with this ex drama. So I really do appreciate your feedback and kindness, thank you.
  6. I think you have reached the point of acceptance, that's where I'm at or anger lol. It makes it so much easier to cope. I'm still hurt but I know for certain that there is no future between us. No point of dreaming about dead ends huh?
  7. Hope you read the entire thread and not just the main post. If not, you would know that I am now focusing on myself, self worth, and self esteem and not "obsessing". You would be able to make a more current judgement of my state of mind now if you read up a bit. I do practice psychology in school actually, please know before you make assumptions. Quite ignorant of you for that statement. You only read books and that's your experience. Whether my diagnosis was correct or not doesn't matter anymore to me, I try not to focus on it anymore but condescending messages like this just makes me think of it all over again. Good day, try not to be so riled up over someone else situation lol.
  8. Day 9, feel a little bit better. Just working on my confidence. And sense of self worth. Hope everyone had a wonderful holiday.
  9. I second that, thank you! I need to stop ignoring my intuition. This situation has taught me ALOT about myself.
  10. Suprised, haven't really been counting the days like my first attempt at No Contact. Maybe because this time I'm nc for life and not just a lame ploy to get him back
  11. Yea I'm trying to keep busy!! Thank you so much!! It really tears you down emotionally and mentally.
  12. You are right! I'm going to look back at this from time to time. Although I still hurt, It's helping gear me towards acceptance.
  13. Far as "Limerence", I can relate to it. I found myself chasing his potential, and really found validation in his responses. I don't even think I truly love him, I think I moreso the idea of what he could be. So I do think I was heavily infactuated by him. I need to figure out the deep root of my quick attachment.
  14. Not clinging to the diagnosis, simply responding to your comments about my diagnosis. But okay.
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