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  1. Thanks for comments everyone. I realized I should try to make the first move or talk about it! We haven't yet decided where to go this weekend. If you have some nice idea, please kindly tell me.
  2. When we have conversations, the topics are various. On last date, we talked about religious view, our family, his parents's divorce and his mother's death... I don't think that we flirt with each other. I should try to talk like you said next time. Thanks.
  3. I've gone on 4 dates with a guy who is gentle, intelligent and attractive. We met online and had exchanged long messages for a while (about two months) because of Covid-19 outbreak, then we met face to face recently. We went out for a park and art museum , enjoyed talking about various topics, had a really good time so far. I enjoy his company every time and I like him. We still exchanges long messages to get to know each other well. We are planning to meet this weekend as well. His message are like "let's keep in contact indeed" and "I look forward to meeting again" so at least it seems th
  4. Thanks for comments. It was really helpful. He sent me email again and it was like this. "I really need to meet you face to face to explain more about my condition and the reasons behind my irrational behaviour towards you. I won’t forgive myself otherwise." he said he won't forgive himself? So like Crio said, do you think he wants to meet me for making himself feel better and assuage his guilt?
  5. We had been together for 4 years, but he dumped me because he moved to another country which is far away from my country and couldn’t take a long distance relationship. He broke up with me only by sending message on SNS and sending a letter. I didn’t like his selfish and immature way of breakup and it broke my heart badly. He really wanted to become my friend soon after breakup and kept texting me for 6 months, but I couldn't. I was so annoyed at the time and finally blocked him on all SNS. Then I felt much better, moved on and have a good life now. My career is good and I have good friend
  6. Hi I got a short message from my ex today. He said "You don't want to talk with me anymore?". I am a little confused now. He seems angry. I will decide whether if I keep ignoring him or reply him. What do you think is the best for me to do now? I just want to ask your opinion.
  7. Thanks for the messages! You made me realize that I was too obsessed with the message he wrote and his reaction when I respond, or if I don't respond. I still don't send any reply to my ex and I can think I am not obligated to reply him. Actually I realized that I feel much better now! Waiting for his reply and reading his message is stressful and emotionally confusing. It is not good for me now. I will decide whether if I respond when I am ready or never respond.
  8. Thanks for thoughtful comments, everyone. You made me realise that I still have a strong feeling for him and thought his message in too negative way. I decided not to reply for the message. It is not good for me now. I need time to grieve and move on. Anyway I got new message from him on other SNS today because today is my birthday. It is like this. "I hope you are feeling ok. I sent you a message recently on FB, I hope you received it. Enjoy your birthday. It feels weird to congratulate you like this. I sometimes miss you, life is messy, many contradicting feelings. Anyways, enjoy y
  9. My ex boyfriend of 4 years dumped me one month ago. He broke my heart badly and I am still grieving. We were in a long distance relationship for 4 years and tried to spend time together as much as possible but he suddenly couldn't take it anymore after he moved to new country and started new life there. He said he didn't want to loose me from his life and wanted me to be a good friend. I said I would just try. But when I get his text message this week, I was very upset and speechless because it was very short, arrogant and impersonal. It was like this. “How are you? I hope you have had t
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