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  1. So after 3 months of not being together we met up and spoke everything over, it was the worst 3 months ever but towards the end I had started to let go of it all. I was living my life and having fun but then she came back, she came back and wanted to try things again, so we have been. But here's my problem. When we first broke up i was disraught, heartbroken. I chased her and i chased her and she shrugged me off like I was nothing. Now I have been seeing her and going on dates etc, she is so much more clingy, obsessive and is basically begging me to ask her to be my gf, I'm not complainin
  2. Is there anyway to stop this ridiculous obsession? She blocked me and I've blocked her but her accounts are all non-private so I can just go on google and look, and I do, atleast 5+ times a day. Why can't I stop? I know she is already seeing someone new, why can't I just stop it!! Its stopping me from moving on. Constant urges to look, and I'll say to myself no, don't look but I end up looking. Anyone have any ideas?
  3. I thought I didn't care but it pains me to think she will be with someone else (thats what my dream was lasttnight) , I honestly set up a picture in my head of living my life with her and to think that now she'll do that with someone else its explainable how I feel.
  4. Keep getting night sweats and having horrible dreams about her...why wont this stop
  5. She really is. 13 pictures of herself on twitter in 3 days.....LOOK AT ME LOOK AT ME!! I do have feelings yes and you are right she knows I do. Well it seems like she cares that I've texted someone but how can she comfortably meet and kiss someone already, I turned down going out for dinner with a really nice girl because it felt wrong. This new girl, its just chat, she has recently broken up with her bf and both going through same thing, we both agreed it would be casual for now.
  6. I had. She went out her way to download whatsaap to contact me
  7. I agree. I think she is a narcissist. Yeah I suppose you are right, I just need to stay focused. She sent me more nasty messages lastnight so I blocked her. Its kind of like I want to see what she says but I want to block her also. So I blocked her. She started going in on my family saying I've not been brought up right, I never treated her well throughout the relationship etc, its really hurt, because I seriously treated her like a princess during our relationship, everyone knows it. Even my parents were shocked at the lengths Id go to for her. I just don't understand why she is being like th
  8. 6 weeks now since we broke up. Last week I was feeling pretty good, I had found out she had already moved on and yes it hurt but it gave me a kind of anger to move on. This weekend i was out with my friends, I saw them together in the club, it really hurt, i never thought it would but it did, it ruined my night. She tried to shout some abuse at me as I walked past but I ignored it. She then started whatsapping me early that morning (I didnt even know she had whatsap....) telling me she heard I had been texting another girl etc...I had started to text this girl a day after I found out about
  9. Sorry to hear. Yep it sets you back. I've felt terrible all day yesterday and today.
  10. Let them get on with it!!! Grass is never greener on the other side so let them find that out. Once they realise that they'll try to come back to us (the grass) but they've pissed all over it like a dog and we'll no longer be there for them, cyaa!!! Chin up
  11. Hi, Appreciate your reply. Its not that I'm holding on or anything like that, I really do have no feelings for her anymore, what she has done has pushed me so far away now. Correct she is free and she can do what she wants as can i. I just have different morals. I was initally not speaking/meeting girls out of respect for her, but thats out the window now, I'm just not doing it because I don't feel really 100% ready (truthfully i cant be bothered right now) but its nothing to do with her or because i still love her. Thats well and truly gone, when someone lies to me they lose all my respect
  12. Pretty horrible seeing her post pics of their walk all over social media, she never did that when I was with her for a whole year....ugh.
  13. Saw them together lastnight, in person, i drove past. Pretty shocked to be frank, more angry at how she lied....little bit angry at the fact it shows how little I mean't to her. Whatever eh!
  14. Nope, she only met him in a club a couple days after
  15. You are so right. I don't want anything serious, you are right, its just nice to speak to people etc. And 100% agree, I no longer see her as the girl i fell in love with, not one little bit and I don't want to be with her at all. Its funny though as she retweets things on twitter about girls shouldn't beg someone to stay, beg for attention, beg for someone to love you....its kinda confuses me as she is the one that left me...is she just starting to regret her decision because I've walked away....seems like it
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