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  1. He cannot make you stay no matter how much he threatens suicide. If he is serious, then report him to a hospital so he can be under watch. He cannot make you do anything you don't want to do. You have the free will to leave.
  2. Because the older guys I've met just wanted sex also and I figured if they're going to act 22 may as well talk to a 22 yo who looks better, also. I've always wanted to talk to older man also but they move way faster than me and they want to date the same exact day they meet me when I want to get to know a person first.
  3. I hate what happened with my 22-year-old friend. I just liked having someone to hang out with nearby and I didn't have to travel far to see who could spend so much time with me like that. He didn't even have to date me. I just liked hanging out with someone who had a lot of the same interests and time as me. His back and forth one day acting like my boyfriend and the next day as just friends was pissing me off also. I don't like the back and forth. If he just wanted to stay friends, he didn't have to do all that cuddly stuff when we were out. I didn't ask him to. I didn't know how to bring up what he wants. Some friends have told me I shouldn't say anything and pretend like nothing happened like he was doing the next day, but when he deleted me without saying anything back to me, I already knew why anyway, so I told him then I'm confused by him. One day he makes out with me hard core (he initiates it), the next day he only wants to hang out with me for an hour as friends only no touching, the third day he deletes me off social media. What's with this hot/cold behavior? He has to know that's driving me crazy inside. I think my life was stressing him also. I'm in a situation where I don't have a car and I have to borrow a family member's car and I always needed to be back by a certain time. I don't mind to be the one driving. He doesn't like driving and said he can't drive. He lives nearby so it was okay for me. I left him a message saying, that's fine if he doesn't want to talk or hang out right now. I just get bored being stuck at home without a car and I hate needing to ask for a car all the time while I'm saving money for one. And not having a car wasn't really an excuse -- we still walked around or did uber, but the car was the only privacy we had to just each other...we didn't do anything in the car, though. Even if he does come back when/if he's older, should I give him another chance? I don't like how I always have to deal with everything on my own and people seem to leave when they can't handle my situation. It shows I can't count on them. I've never left people when they were in difficult situations and I've never stopped being their friends or abandoned them just because their situations were tough or stressful. I'm seriously tired of the fact people always have to create other issues when distance isn't an issue. I don't know how many people would be blessed with a situation where all it took was to drive ten minutes to drive to see the person you are dating/hanging out with but people have to cause other problems. We didn't have to date right now and could still hang out as friends, but the attraction was too much also. Every time we saw each other we wanted to hook up but we didn't have any place to hook up so it made hanging out as friends difficult, lol. I've a feeling he may be back later because I ended up messaging him the last thing saying he's a nice guy, it's just that it was stressing me out not having my own car or my own place, etc, and I could see it stressed him out, too, when I was stressed. And also, I did end up mentioning how his hot/cold one day and the next was confusing me. Does this person deserve a second chance? Would you give this person a second chance when you're in a better situation to see this person? There's more people his age nearby for him to meet, so he can meet someone else easily nearby, but for me this was really a blessing to be able to hang out with someone that I could potentially date near by. Most people I've met online were at least 45 minutes to an hour.
  4. You don't have to explain anything to him. You can just say you don't trust him and you can't be with someone you don't trust.
  5. If it's meant to happen, it will. For her to still try to talk to you knowing you're in a relationship is disrespectful and do you want that kind of person? If you don't want to be with your girlfriend, then break up with her. She doesn't deserve to be second while you're always thinking about this other person.
  6. Thanks. I like to eat sushi and bubble tea but only a handful of people I know like to eat/drink that so it's hard to try to get a group going. I only end up going with one other person if that.
  7. Anywhere and everywhere: online, work, through friends, church. I met a decent guy with money from POF who would always pay for me and volunteer, but after a while when he saw I wouldn't hook up with him, he stopped being my friend and didn't want to get to know me as a friend or more as if he paid for me thinking he'd get something out of it. It always ends the same.
  8. Other people have read my previous posts besides this one so they know and I dislike having to repeat myself when I thought I asked in my original post would I have to change my habit of going to nice restaurants? That was the point of my post.
  9. Unfortunately, those guys with money are taken or far away or when I do meet a guy who has the money, he expects me to give him sex at the end of the night if he pays the nice meal. I can eat a nice meal and not have to have sex with anyone if I pay myself. I met a guy before who could keep up with my lifestyle, but when the guy with money paid, he expected me to have sex with him. He's lucky at the time I wanted to have sex otherwise he would have called me one of those girls who just uses guys for nice meals when that's not the case at all. I don't need a guy for nice meals. I haven't been able to find a guy who will pay a nice meal for me and not expect sex.
  10. Again, I've said in previous posts we were kind of dating, and it was a bit more than just friends.
  11. I asked would I have to change my habit of going to nice restaurants all of the time? A friend of mine thinks guys eventually stop talking to me because they figure if they stay with me long term, eventually they will be the ones left with the nice restaurants bill. I never asked guys to pay for me and I don't use guys for nice meals. I can buy nice meals for myself. He would have been a boyfriend...eventually, we were kind of dating.
  12. Who is forced to go out to eat a lot? No. I like nice food. People can always say no and not have to come. No one is forcing anyone.
  13. Again, I said I have a savings and I have the money for it in my original post. I'm not buying my friends. He actually wants to hang out with me even when I don't spend anything on him, spending very little money, it's just that we don't have a private place to hang out. He's taken walks with me before and I've spent zero dollars on him then and he still hung out with me.
  14. Yes. He isn't using me. I'm the one who suggests the nice places. There are no friends that like to eat where I eat all the time. He hasn't asked me for money. And since I invited him out to the nice restaurants, I didn't mind paying. I have the money and enjoy his company.
  15. I like to go out to eat many times a week to nice restaurants and I'm okay with paying I have the money. I just didn't have anyone to go with and didn't like going by myself most times since people I know don't want to spend that money all the time. So when I finally found a friend who likes the same places and eat the same foods, I was excited. The 22-year-old has been mentioning a lot lately how he doesn't have much money to pay for all this all the time and he only pays when we go to places like Denny. I never expected him to have much, he's 22. I kept telling him, I'm okay with paying but I bet it made him feel bad about himself and he ended up deleting me this weekend. I just don't like going to crappy places. I can't eat crappy food. I also don't have my own place right now so we don't really have any private time to ourselves and always have to hang out in public. In the past two days I spent like $120 with him. In this corrupt world and with my situation, I get by by pampering myself because no one will pamper myself like I will and thought maybe someone would like to enjoy my time with me. I'm not going to change my habit of going to nice restaurants. I figure I don't have any kids and don't have any major thing and now is the time to go all out on myself and a friend or someone I'm dating. And I have a savings also on top of spending this money at nice restaurants. Is there any way around this or do I have to change this habit? I kept telling him it was okay that I was paying but it was still bothering him a lot.
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