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  1. Yeah he has definitely been in the picture for a while. She had mentioned him a while ago, hes a regular at the coffe shop she works at. But never gave me any reason to be worried. Then after the breakup she began telling mr hes good friends with a lot of her friends, and was 'socially' hanging out when theyd all do stuff. Since like october. I know i shouldnt even want her back, but i truly love her. Its hard letting go of someone you loved completely, and for a reason that can be easily fixed.
  2. My ex dumped me on dec 1. The reasons i think was because of a breakdown in communication and her not thinking i was ready for the next step. I'm 27m, she's 25f. She also has a child from her previous relationship, we met when she found out she was pregnant. and that never bothered me. there was an instant connection from day one (her words). I am an only child so i never knew how to act around an infant, though there were times where we were together with the child. We were together for 3.5 years, officially together for about 2. Even talked about moving in together multiple times. When she d
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