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  1. Good Lord. I do have a life outside my house. Don't assume things you don't know. The crap has not happened and it won't happen in the future and my standards are not low at freaking all.
  2. Not to her at least because she's wrong and I've already explained why.
  3. What the . My behavior is just fine and I'm not living like an old person. Introverts don't act like old people. I am not in denial, I know my standards and that crap will never happen to me.
  4. I do have friends and interests. Never said I didn't have any. Good Lord. I like horseback riding, fishing, shopping. I just can't do much physical activity right now. Most of my friends are out of the area so I can't do much with that. I'm working up to trying to go out more but it's not in my nature, okay? Stop harassing me about all that you guys. Not cool.
  5. Actually she's not right at all. Far from it, in fact.
  6. I haven't met him, and yes he has a life other than me and friends. I just feel that he will be saddened especially with how he's been feeling so down lately so I'm adding more sorrow on top of that.
  7. Wow. How rude. Those will never happen as I have standards. I do have a full time job, mind you. It's just not in my field and the rent in the area is too high for me to live on my own. Geez. And I'm sending resumes out everyday. I'm not naive, as the guy does make a lot. If you don't have anything nice to say, then don't say anything at all.
  8. That's true, but after looking I just saw that the one month plan is $50 a month and the 6 month plan is half that, but you have to pay the full amount upfront. Lord, that's expensive.
  9. No, I haven't. I've looked into one and if I want to see more than one picture of a guy I have to pay at least $25 a month. Not sure if I want to spend that kind of money right now.
  10. I met him on an app actually, and I have tried dating sites. Not many are interested in me.
  11. Yes, I know. But I rather not leave my home just to be in the same type of job. I want to get into my field as currently I'm just a desk receptionist, and I've applied to all that I can right now that would fit me the best. And new ones aren't popping up as often so not much I can do.
  12. I'm almost to the age when my parents first had my brother. It feels old to me. I thought I would be the first to marry in my family but no, all my younger male cousins (range from 20-23) are married now and I hate it. And I'm not even talking about getting married to him, just the concept of dating him. Not settling yet. But I know now that the best thing is to not get into a relationship with him. It just sucks, that's all.
  13. I'm not as introverted online as I am in person. Volunteering has never been much of interest but I have occasionally thought about helping my local horse rescue where the manager is one of my previous riding trainers but I'm on a restricted diet and can't do much physical activity right now. And I have applied for a Master's program but time will tell if I get in or not as it's very competitive.
  14. I'm looking for work. I'm applying to at least a few jobs everyday if ones in my career path pop up and I've taken an online course in my career path recently as well as a refresher.
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