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  1. Yep, totally agree. I guess I’m giving him the benefit of the doubt because he does have a mental disability. But he’s also very smart and seems capable enough to know how to date properly. However, I learned that the teacher he has has told the students that when it comes to dating, as long as you have met the person face to face before, and they’re not a stranger, then talking online only is sufficient enough when trying to get to know someone or for dating someone. Why would she teach them this? They need to know, especially the guys, that if you want to take interest in a girl you need
  2. Yes, this situation has been very bizarre from the beginning. What happened is he and I met at school 3 months ago and started talking in person. But he is a high functioning person with autism. He seems normal but has issues with social skills. He and I have been chatting on Facebook. He initiates the conversations almost every time, but when we first started talking he was with someone. I let him know that I wasn’t cool with his flirting with me while he was with someone, so after he saw another guy at school trying to hit on me he told me just a few days later how he broke up with that
  3. Me: You and I are both single and just talking right now. I get it. But if somebody comes along and wants to date you please tell me, and I will do the same. Then at that time we can decide what we want to do. Does this sound okay to you? Guy: I guess?
  4. There’s this guy I’m interested in, but I don’t entirely know if he feels the same way. We work at the same school, but he’s only there once a week, while I’m there Monday through Friday. He is near me a lot, there are many times where we’ll just stare at each other, there are short conversations here and there, but never anything concrete that let’s each other know it’s okay to make a move. But I decided to by asking if he was going to the same thing I was going to that weekend, and he said no but asked if I was going (he had work), then I asked if he was going to the same thing I was going t
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