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  1. I'm so sad today. It's been almost 3 weeks since I've last texted you, and my days have been through a rollercoaster. Last night and today I cried. I still can't believe how hurt I feel. I still can't believe the way you did me. I think it's for sure done and over this time. It's just scary to think of it being completely over. It breaks me knowing you've moved on with someone else already. Everything I ever went through with you feels fake to me now. Everything. You seem so happy, how?
  2. Day 2 It's his birthday today. Such a weird feeling. First time in a while I don't wish him a happy birthday. He seems so happy. I wonder if he will even notice that I didn't wish him a happy birthday.
  3. Thank you for understanding. I know social media is all a facade. I know I also shouldn't compare myself to her, and I don't. I've always been happy and confident within myself, and I try my best to respect and also love other women. I just don't want this situation to change my outlook, I do not want it to make me bitter towards another woman or ask myself what does she have that I don't? But it's inevitable. I've already done so. I don't see anything in her, but he does...and that's the hurtful part. I also know everyone just shows the positives on social media and that they're on their h
  4. I will never cosign with someone, I've learned my lesson now. I've always said this, but it's interesting how I was willing to do so in the end for him. Watching someone you love struggle was hard, even though I tried to push him to fix his credit and get to the root of the issue. I also do think he did cheat on me like you said, although he didn't confirm. But the past few months he was so distant, that's the only reason for it. You don't say I love you to someone new 3 weeks after a breakup. My gut feeling was telling me all along, but I wanted to see the good in him. I thought stress was
  5. Thank you for this response. I was able to relate so much. Especially the part where you said not only are we trying to process the breakup/divorce(for you), but also the fact they already have someone. It's double the hurt and pain. I can't just let go as easily because I have so many questions. I feel like I was dealing with a fraud. Everything was so fake. Your post gave me hope that I'll be able to move on one day. I already feel myself letting go. I'm also in the process of asking myself why did I stay when I felt things were going downhill? I have some self-work to do. I keep asking myse
  6. Not sure why he is showing her off, there is nothing to be jealous of. But do agree that beauty is in the eye of the beholder. And I hope this doesn't make me sound horrible because I don't want to take my hate or anger on some woman I do not know when he was the problem. But again, I'm not sure why he is showing her off. However, the way the other person looks doesn't take away the hurt. Whether she's attractive or not, it still hurts the same. Maybe he does love her, maybe he is using her, maybe she's a sweetheart. I know he's the problem and is manipulative. I know I dodged a bullet, b
  7. I'm glad I don't feel alone in this. To be honest, I feel more at peace with myself now that it's over, but it does not help that I did love him truly. And I just feel so forgotten. I am actually in the mindset you just mentioned, my life and how I live it is good enough for me. I keep reminding myself this. lol deadbeat also fits him.
  8. I think so too. This is what my gut feeling tells me. That it has been going on for a while because he was distant with me and because he seems so happy with her. Because no one goes this official only 3 weeks after a breakup, and it's not in his nature. My gut is telling me he's been wanting out for a while because he was seeing her.
  9. I'd like to think she's a rebound as well. But he's showing her off in a way he never showed me off before and claiming he loves her on social media, and she says I love you back as well. He seems so loyal and respectful online for her. Like a changed man! I do agree that it shouldn't matter. I have been focusing on loving myself and giving myself the time I need. but I do know I won't move on by checking up on him. I struggle with this, I'll admit. But I will try to change this soon.
  10. Thank you for this perspective. He was actually the one to end it, which hurts even more. Can the dumper still get a rebound or does this apply to dumpees only? But I do agree with you on everything else. I am still a grad student, so I am not even in such a financial place to look down on anyone. But I'm not sure how he got into so much debt. I looked at his credit report when trying to help him once, and many of the collections were medical. And two other things were not. I'd like to think it's not in his character to use someone, but maybe it is. Why post about how much you're in love wi
  11. Day 1 I have already been doing NC for almost 2 weeks, but it's my first day on here doing this challenge. I think it has gotten a lot easier for me to not contact him, but I still feel the betrayal every day. Was everything so fake?
  12. Thanks for your input. I tell myself she's a rebound as well, despite it not feeling like one. They say I love you to each other already. He has never shown off how was in a relationship with me the way he does now with her. This man seems in love. But I do agree that my relationship did run its course. The only issue I struggle with is social media right now. He is keeping himself busy while I am still checking what he is doing to get answers to why he did what he did. By doing this, I know I am holding myself back only.
  13. Hello everyone, I'm going through a breakup. This relationship was a 2 year relationship. I'm 25, and he's almost 27. I thought this was the right guy. However, I do believe he started to change halfway into the relationship....just a little more distant, but then he went back to normal. The major change occurred last October of 2019, when he lost his place and due to his credit, he was struggling to get a new place. So he had to move in back with his parents. He couldn't move in with me because I had roommates. Living with his parents took a toll on him because he's always been on his own
  14. We aren't friends on any social media, but since his FB profile is public, it's so easy to check and see what he is up to. I block him, and then unblock him when I get curious...it's not good, I know. But I officially just blocked him now, and hopefully I will keep it up. And you are right, I know anything else will make me look weak....that's why I avoid messaging him.
  15. Thank you for this...I needed to read that. You are right, I am used to these break-ups not being permanent, but the last breakup actually lasted 10 months...so at some point, I have accepted it and I was finally moving on (or at least I thought I was). Now I am faced with the same problem, and I am only 3 weeks in when it comes to NC. It's kind of hard. One day I feel strong, and the next so weak. Tired of this roller coaster. I do not think that the way he acts on social media is to get to me...because he's the one who left, why would he want to keep hurting me? Nothing to get back at me
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