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  1. kept looking at me while facing me. Is she interested? ps. there was no way for her to know I was aware of it, since I was using my peripheral vision, and she was also playing with her hair, and kept it up for 1 minute
  2. It's gonna be kind of long, so please bear with me So, I've been in love with a girl for 2 years, and I used to be her friend. We used to study together, walk around together, and sometimes I used to give her rides as well. However, last month, she told me she liked this other guy (my best friend), and since I got visibly angry and sad after hearing that, she realized I was into her, but did not comment on it. She started ignoring me the next day, and started making eye contact with me frequently (she had a laughing expression, as if she was trying hard not to laugh). I started ignoring her
  3. She recently found out about my feelings for her (because she told me she liked this other guy, and I started ignoring her after that), and started flirting with me, just to keep me interested I suppose, because as I've already said she loves one of my friends who doesnt care about her (He started the flirting, she fell for him but he did not go on with it. It all started 2 and a half years ago). She is really sad, because she's always posting stuff related to not corresponded love on social medias, and I am madly in love with her. The guy is still leading her on, and they see each other every
  4. we take the same classes, and she has been giving off these signs these days - When she sits by me side, she usually stares at me when I am distracted, but when I start paying attention to the class again she looks away really fast - I had just come out my car and looked back to see if any of my friends was coming, and there she was, a few meters away, and she reached for her hair almost instantly. This event happened two times. - Sometimes she stares at me and looks away,then I look at her to check her out and look away, then she starts playing with her hair. Thanks
  5. I don't think she finds me Creepy, we had one hell of a eye contact in a day, and she still started a conversation with me a few hours later
  6. What I mean by this is that I am not the first to break eye contact anymore, therefore she is showing submission to me
  7. So, I used to be her "slave", not even a friend I guess, and would do anything she asked me. We are classmates, and therefore she normally asked me for help with the subjects, rides, but ignored me when I was not useful to her. I stopped going after her (i am actually ignoring her, she realized it and now we only greet each other) and she started showing signs of liking me such as flippping her hair when I was talking to her or when we were about to pass by each other, eye locking quite often, she started looking at me in class (her stares are mostly towards this other guy though), etc. She i
  8. No, I am sure he is not lying, he is one my best friends. That's what I am trying to understand, there is no way she thinks I am creep, I catch her looking at me sometimes when I am doing something else, and she also starts some of our conversations
  9. Thanks, but is there a chance she might be lying about me being scary, horrifying and full of myself, considering she did not tell it to me directly? Do girls do that very often?
  10. He would never lie to me, he's one of my best friends, one that is always there for me when I need him.
  11. lol, how did you figure out she is manipulative? She was using a guy for rides back in 2015, and she knew he liked her but did not care at all. She rarely ever talks to him now
  12. Would you stare back at him even if he creeps you out? She does, that's what I do not undestand
  13. Sorry for the misunderstood, I thought this expression meant a stare for a long period of time
  14. No, I am sure she starts playing with her hair at the exact time she sees me..Or maybe she was lying to my friend? Even though I don't think anyone would lie about someone being horrifying
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