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  1. I´d feel awkward if I ask him, so I just decided to hear other people´s opinion. I´ve seen pictures of his ex so I know his dated someone from my race before. The sex is great and he only brought it up after the 4th time.
  2. 1. She told him that he can do better. Does that mean with her? What do you think she trying to get out? 2. You should just tell him how it bothers you. If you come off jealous then fine but you can't just keep your feelings tucked away you will end up resenting him if the problem is not addressed. 3. I don't know much about it but I'm friends with some of my ex's but I'm also friends with their girlfriend/wife. But they know as clear as day that I'm repulsed by the idea of ever starting another relationship with them. So maybe he can try and invite all three and another friend so it wo
  3. I'm a bit confused. How did she use you? Did she have sex with you? Did she say things like if you don't do this I will fail you? This just sounds like it went a little too far but not something anyone could be charged with. Seeing as nothing extreme happened they would have dropped the case if she promised to transfer schools. Plus isn't the case closed?
  4. Oh no like I love your ___ p. Sorry my mistake
  5. Ah that's interesting I didn't even think about him wanting to feel validated or that he might have insecurities.
  6. So I meet someone this week. We have been going at it almost every day. The thing is that he keeps bring up my race. It's honestly odd because I've had boyfriends and sex with other people outside of my race and none of them ever has said anything about it during sex. Honestly when I think about in none of my previous relationships has race been brought up more than three times. He's not saying anything bad. It just weird you know. I love you. (Fill in the blank. Just stuff like that) Do you think it's a fetish?
  7. What the heck you wanted her to be pregnant so she will be loyal?! Just because someone has a baby doesn't mean they will be loyal. You were or are way to young to be having children. You weren't even taking care of yourself at the age. And wear a condom before you get an STD or a baby. Just leave her. From everything I read she doesn't value you what so ever. By the way she acts I can only assume she doesn't want a boyfriend.
  8. You sound like one of her back up guys. If she flirting with you while in a relationship with someone else she is probably doing the same with other guys. She is obviously not trust worthy. I would do as everyone else said and move on.
  9. I'm actually in nursing school. I'm not going to be one to shoot down your dreams but I'm going to tell you my experiences. I study for about 8 hours or more EVERYDAY. I have notes in my hand at all times. I get about 3-5 hours of sleep. I cried every day for 2 weeks straight once nursing school started because of how hard. We get assigned to chapters that are about 40 pages long. Every week we have quizzes and tests. We have a ton of assignments and papers. Your test grade average is very important because if you don't pull off a 75, 78, or 80 average depedening on your school you fai
  10. I don't know yalls ethinicty but sometimes depending on the culture it's considered rude.
  11. You're enough. And he knows it and is going to contact you again. The only question is are you going to take him back?
  12. I never am the one to say this but move on. Seriously you need to move on from this one. If you guys get into another argument his going to run back to his ex. Who will try and trap him again!!! He slept with her 2-3 times and she became pregnant. Yet he was with you for a year and you never go pregnant. The whole thing is shady. She is shady and he is shady. I don't know why everyone is calling him a cheater when yall broke up. So I take back my side chick comment because at this point his ex sounds like the side chick. He sounds like a great father but future husband material is a bit mu
  13. Sounds like his ex tried to trap him. Obviously didn't work because this guy is a horrible excuse of a human being. Your seriously considering being with a man who won't be involved in his child life? How can he easily throw away an unborn baby and his other children like that? Word of advice don't get pregnant. He will find another side chick and abandon you and your unborn child all while saying the same things he told you.
  14. Have you tried doing other things besides therapy? Like getting tested to see if he has low testosterone? Have they diagnosed him with any social disabilities? Everyone saying just leave or that his abusive. He just sounds like a selfish love. He is obviously not a slacker and fulfills other needs. I think you guys both need to sit down and figure out why he's doing this. Maybe send your kids to their grandparents for a day. Because at this point it sounds like he just got married and had kids to fulfill society norms or to please his parents.
  15. I think he's gay, asexual, phycological or has hormonal issues. But he is for sure a selfish lover. The only reason I'm leaning towards gay is because he has sex with you in the dark and makes you keep your clothes on. He barely even touches you. It takes him awhile to get hard. Is he at least great in other parts of your relationship?
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