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  1. I can't get her to do counseling and she feels it won't change her feelings and she only sees me as a friend. I realize I need to just lean on God and focus on rebuilding myself and being a great father. She is going to file for divorce soon
  2. well I have to admit taking a step back the brutal honesty I can see how that can wear a person down. Your right many people live their lives with unfullfilled dreams. I personally didn't want to be the person who settled on something and then developed a bad coping mechanism to numb the disappointment. The counseling is my idea she wanted to skip that. I have started my own personal counseling to work on myself. I never had a "I don't feel like it attitude in fact I work hard at no matter what I do. I have sat down and self examined what I like and dislike and have looked into going back
  3. an abuser no never have been no motivation is on her part and I can understand that to an extent. No I have no place to go specifically but when someone is done they are done
  4. I believe my marriage can be saved. she says she has no motivation to save it. am I wasting my time ????
  5. so my wife and I have been married nearly 14 years come May. One week after her 38th Birthday and after months of talking to her female friend and now former co-worker on the phone who has had several affairs on her husband she comes to me and says she wants to separate. This caught me off guard because nearly a year went by where our lives were starting to settle and she drops this on me. I knew she was unhappy that life didn't go the way she wanted as did I. I couldn't have what I wanted (dreams of being a professional ball player) and I was bitter but I made a sacrifice to give her what she
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