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  1. This says a lot about the kind of guys you associate with. Run away! Do not do FWB. Be friends with a guy and put the ball in his court as far as what he wants with you. Have some self-respect.
  2. ... My faraway, dear one, you're fading from my mind as long as I'm active, busy, creating, content with what life gave me. I can go through a day, two days, a week even- without your name drifting though my consciousness. I rejoice in the one who loves me, Comforting, committed, familial. ... Though every so often, I hear of that state on a map- yours, that place only two days of a drive, and it pulls me back to longing. Sometimes it's a glance at the sky, knowing that your time zone is one hour from mine, and you're seeing darkness whi
  3. Please, please. THIS. Before it gets worse. I was also obsessed with a crush on another man outside my marriage. I had to stop looking at his social media and have never since. It took a long time to get the other man out of my mind (and fantasies)
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