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  1. He finally texted me back today, and it went nowhere. Ended up in the same old loop. Basically he said he felt like he needed to apologize and that's all that it is. It was unfair that I got to say what I needed to say to him, but he didn't "get the chance" to say it back (which he had every chance, but chose to tell me basically how messed up our relationship was and how it wasn't rare or special). When I told him I don't need his apology 3 months after he left, instead he should have worked on it while he had it, he got all mad and went off. So lesson is, they don't change. He selfishl
  2. My post last week explained how my ex send me two emails and 14 text messages trying to get a hold of me 3 months after the breakup and about 60 days of NC. I didn't entertain it, but rather deleted everything without reading it. Here's where I messed up: He got a hold of a friend of mine, and pleaded with her to get me to talk to him. He said "I messed up. You're the only person I know that talks to him, and I just want 10 mins of his time to explain how I feel. I needed this time away to see things from a different perspective. Our only real problem was lack of communication." So
  3. I blocked not only him, but every single person that could possibly post anything that had to do with him. I got rid of everything that had to do with him. I deleted it all. I made it so that there was no possible way I could see anything that has to do with him, other than running into each other in person which didn't happen.
  4. 3 months and 3 days post break up. Went NC once for a few weeks, then broke contact. Started again, and I'm on day 58 of NC right now. The funny thing is, I don't even care what he has to say and I never thought that would be possible. The one piece of advice I can give to EVERYBODY on here is, try your damn hardest to see the relationship for what it REALLY was. I thought this guy was gold, and all I could think about post-break up were the good times. The beginning, the first date, the first kiss, the time he did something cute...but I pushed out the times he lied. The times I was mad
  5. Oh, believe me, I'm not "ready" yet either. The thing is, I know that contacting back and hearing or reading anything he has to say will set me back...and why do that after I felt like death for so long? Why would I ever want to make myself feel like that again? That's exactly what it would be...not him making me feel that way, but me making myself feel that way. WE HAVE THE CONTROL. They can try to get to us, but we control whether or not we let it. DON'T LET IT. Stay strong!
  6. If you read my posts from the beginning of this hellish ordeal, I was so worried about finding somebody into the same hobbies and interests as me. I never thought such a guy existed. NEVER AGAIN will I find that. Update: 3 months post break up. I've gone to therapy, met new people, worked on me. I've learned to analyze my previous relationship for what it really was, not what I thought it was or wanted it to be. I learned to stop romanticizing my ex, and see the ways in which I was treated unfairly. Are there still good memories? Of course, but does the bad outweigh them? Definitel
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