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  1. Thanks, such a bad time of the year to be doing this too. But I think it will lift a lot of stress off of my chest by going through with it. I just want to await another reply, have a look at another point of view.
  2. Sorry for such a long thread First of all, we are both young, just out of high school. We have been together for roughly six months and am unsure of how I should be feeling; if I am being ignorant and not seeing how great she is, or if I am scared to be in a relationship at the moment... A little backstory: She has had a bit of a bumpy past, she is facing anxiety and has/is facing depression too. I feel as though it is taking a major toll on our relationship. Right now the most we have done is go on one official 'date' which was at the very early stages, gone to one family functio
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