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  1. Does this mean that if he had a chance with her he will cheat on me. And it also means that he thinks that she is more beautiful or hotter than me. It shows that if he had chances with women he finds hot he will cheat.
  2. I read some texts on viber on my husband's phone between my husband and his friend talking about how hot a woman that works at the police station is. Am I supposed to confront him for this since it makes me feel really bad? My husband was like : "O my God you won't believe what I saw at the police station today" he gave him her name and told him "check her out on instagram" And his friend replied by calling her lover a lucky bastard.
  3. I don't think we're staying because we're trapped in a traditional marriage. I met him at college our parents didn't know each other before we met, they met through us. We kept our relationship hidden from our parents for almost a year. He had time to talk about the list; he just didn't want to. He said I can do it and there's nothing more to talk about it. I asked him again today. Did you read the list carefully and he said yes. Can you fufill it he said yes. He doesn't want to say or talk more about it. So I guess I'll have to wait and see if anything changes from now on. I will try to
  4. No we didn't agree on him not seeing his friends as he did. We're having this friend issue eversince the baby came. And I would never tell him to stop seeing his friends but not 3 to 4 times a day. Not to overdue it or he can see them even 3 to 4 times (sometimes) a day as long as I don't need him at home. Or when everything is okay at home. As a new dad he should be around the house more he knows the baby is a handful and help me a little more. I haven't been able to see my friends even for an hour ever since I gave birth. Whenever I go out I have to come back quick. He even gets angr
  5. Yes I certanly CAN NOT make him change. If he doesn't want to change then no I will not be able to make him otherwise he would have changed by now. I'm giving him one last shot if he doesn't take it he will lose me. I hope he realises it in time. Things might go as far as me quiting and him realising he had to change only after we get a divorce. Hey I don't mind the house work if everything else was okay. I'm used to the housework that's how my family raised us too, my brothers never did anything around the house I did everything and I was a medical student just like they. So I had to w
  6. The couch sleeping era is over. I am sleeping on the bed again. I also put my wedding ring back on since I decided to try again I want to do it right. I don't know if you heard but European (Albanian more specificaly) men don't cook or do laundry. He does clean sometimes I can't take that away from him but very very rarely only when I am sick or something. When I was sick in the hospital he took his laundry to his mothers, he doesn't even know how to turn on the washing machine. I blame mothers they do everything for their sons and make only their daughters work around the house so they
  7. I don't know if he ignored it or not time will tell. But if I see no changes from him I'm getting a divorce. What changes should I make according to you Wiseman?
  8. One more thing..when I mentioned the sex part. It's not like I'm this woman that craves it. Honestly i can go months without it but I know he can't....so if he's not doing it with me ? It could be that he's too tired to do it with anybody..I don't know... Another thing we have to talk about..
  9. No I don't want to be someone that polices him. I wish I won't have to any longer. I want to be able to trust him that will take years to rebuild. And no I am not content with the habits I have developed. There are many things I wish I would do differently. (Or better yet be allowed) to do differently. What I meant when I said "prove you want to spent more time because you enjoy" he can do that by not going so often out with his friends during his free time and staying with me more at home and while he stayes be happy and not angry because he'd rather be somewhere else.- that is what I mean
  10. He doesn't talk much on general even when he's happy. So an "ok" was an expected response from him once I sent him the list. Even when things are well he responds very shortly. After he came back form going out with the friend he was like let's go to bed. I said I need to feed the baby first. So he waited and didn't go until I fed the baby I think he wanted to make sure I didn't end up sleeping on the couch. After I finished he was like ok lets go. I felt bad to tell him no I'm sleeping on the couch again. So I went in the bed room and I slept on the bed. He took that as a green lig
  11. It's very hard to pin him down in one place. That's why I sent it at work. I don't think he mines it's something we're used to doing. He didn't want to talk much about the list after he came home. He just said yes I can do that. I asked him do you have a list for me and he said no. So we had dinner, coffee (which I made) talked about only the baby and then I asked him if he can stay with the baby while I take a shower and go out and do some shopping and he said ok. Once I came back he again went out with another friend for like an hour (we live in the city center surrounded by coff
  12. Hey I didn't force him to stay. I specifically asked him to leave and let me think. He's the one who choose to stay so I don't care if that's what he thinks. If I decide to move on, I will not continue to nagg. This time I was very serious there weren't any "fake" ultimatums set. I asked him to leave he didn't. I asked him several times. I wanted to go to an appartment that my dad bought for me but one of his friends is staying there. I told him to tell his friend to free the apartment and be didn't do that either. I wanted to leave but there weren't options for me to go anywhere due
  13. We'll talk about it today. He will be here in about an hour while I'm busy cooking, cleaning and taking care of our baby.
  14. Eversince those things happend years passed and we didn't have the same problem unitl now. That is the reason I stayed and hopped. No I will not do any patroling (that's crazy). Maybe phone checking yes until I regain trust. I told him I should be able to look at your phone and not find anything shady. I told him you can look at mine anytime you want to. People who have nothing to hide, hide nothing. If any repeated behaviour catches my attention then we are done. He knows..it's up to him. If everyone focused only on the problems no couple would stay married. It was nev
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