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  1. Hi all, I need help with starting a conversation with a complete stranger. Basically I have watched this person on a website called twitch (like youtube). I like him and think hes cute, I would just like help on what I should send him to start it off. I want something that will hopefully get a reply and something a little flirty/cute ;) Since I am a viewer, I don’t wanna creep him out hahaha
  2. I know that he would seek me out if he was interested but theres no way of us contacting each other (even on tinder), and yeah I know its not the best idea to meet a guy at a bar but he is a bartender there, I only see him there when hes on shift.
  3. Its because tinder had an update and keeps losing some conversations. I know this because I matched with my flatmate as a joke and all of a sudden the chat we had disappeared and neither of us had touched it. Plus I know that he hasn't unmatched with me as I normally use the tinder desktop version which says that we are still matched. And I think he likes me because after I applied for the job at the pub he works at he was so confident that I would get it and when I ended up not getting the job, he was telling me to reapply and giving me tips, if he was blocking me why would he want me to g
  4. I first met him when I went for a trial shift at a pub in town. I spoke to him a bit but thought nothing of it. But then I went to the pub a bit more frequently and started to notice him more. A few days later my friends convinced me to get tinder. I matched with him straight away and after a week, I went back to the pub and saw that he was working. When I sat down near the bar I saw that he noticed me and was mentioning me to his co-workers and was getting excited which made me feel like he actually likes me. When I went up to the bar, he was very flirty and was trying to show off in f
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