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  1. I started dating this woman couple of months ago. We have many mutual hobbies and in general we enjoy each others' company very much. I can definitely see her as a long-term partner. But there is one thing - recently she told me that she doesn't want to give birth to kids, ever. But is fine with adopting one later in life when she succeeds in her career. At the moment I am not really dreaming about having babies either, but I am not against having later in life. So my questions is: Should I give up on possibly the most compatible match that I ever met in my life and look for a
  2. I've been on dating apps for a while on/off for a couple of years. Since the pandemics started I returned back to it with no expectations that I will ever meet anyone. And to be honest that was the case from March until August. Then things changed. I did not only started to get more matches but also almost every person I matched with accepted an invitation for a date. Just to clarify, I did not look for an ONS and the only matches I chose to meet were the ones that seemed to have similar hobbies like me. Long story short, what I figure out is that all of my matches had these trai
  3. yeah man, old same Tinder. You got the point here. Maybe I should add this on my profile bio. Because I totally do not lack of matches these days. I don't know if it pandemic behavior, or I am just very lucky these days.
  4. Good question. Since the long-term factors are important to me, I want to find a girlfriend rather a hang out buddy.
  5. For example if the date is a smoker, have plans to move to another country, or recently broke up and etc. In other I don't feel like betting on a hope that things would be different or change for better if we decide to go exclusive.
  6. In the past few weeks I've gone to several first dates. All of them went quite well. No awkward moments and both of us (I think) had fun. But the thing is that when the first date is over I loose interest and do not put any effort to schedule another date with the same person. Have you ever been in this type of situation?
  7. At this stage, you should be concentrating on your own life, rather than wasting time on what your ex thinks or does.
  8. Reply to j.man: You missed point. I am not saying that my ideas are ideal. Sometimes they are pure crap. The difference is that I admit when I am wrong, while my coworker doesnt.
  9. He is for sure expert in some things and so I am in other things. The problem is that when I say about how particular things should be done, his ego jumps in and indirectly tells me that my work ethics are too complex or not useful at all. While other team members do accept my ideas openly. He rebels against us and keeps on doing things his way. The funny (or sad) thing is that almost whenever this happens, he gets backstabbed by reality where he ends up seeing that my words were right. What could be the reason for his denial?
  10. That is exactly how it was before I had time for my personal creative projects and then I worked for my company. But then it started to become extremely busy. I guess hiring an assistant would be the only way to escape this non-stop working hell.
  11. We used to, but now the only time we meet is when it is needed to go over the monthly paperwork matters. Our company is in logistics sector. They take care of transportation and I am working at the office with customer care and dispatching matters.
  12. One year ago me and two of my friends started a company which is now running successfully and we are earn good from it. In the process of starting it there was a lot creative work to be done. Since I am the arty guy, it was delegated to me and loved doing it. However when we started to receive more and more clients, times changed and I started to deal with matters that involves zero creativity. Today I am stuck with doing things that I do not enjoy doing it all. My creativity levels have dropped to zero and I have become a workaholic zombie who lives for work. Even though time flies
  13. She lives in different city and wants to stay there because she's doing good with building her career there. When in reality her job position allows her to work from any part of the world. It is kind of my own mistake that it ended up like this. I gave her a second chance after I broke up with her last year.
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