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  1. My current s/o and I (31F) have been dating for a little over 7 months and so far everything between us is going great! However, I have concerns about his Best Friend. He (30M) and his Best friend (32M) have known each other since college and are extremely close. They have even always made it a point to live in the same apartment complex as each other, though have never been roommates (live down the hall/same building). Even though we have been in a relationship for 7 months, I have only ever met his best friend twice. When I ask about this, my boyfriend just says that his friend is not very social and prefers to hang out one-on-one with just him. I can understand that to some degree, as well as his friend being single doesn't want to feel like a third-wheel. It just strikes me as odd because my two best friends are actually a couple (friends with her for years, she started dating a guy and I became close friends with him) so on some level I feel like you just deal with being odd man out to support your friends. I just find it very odd that there has been no effort for me to get to know his best friend when he has met/hung out with my friends many times
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