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  1. What do you think he could do to try and get over it? Do you think professional help would be an option or am I just clutching at straws
  2. I honestly dont think I would be able to find someone better... like he makes me so so happy - hes funny, makes time for me, my family absolutely adore him, hes caring and encourages me to do what I want and put myself first. I feel like no relationship is perfect and we'd be swapping ours for another that would also not be perfect, but would also be less happy. He's a lot like me in a way so I have so much empathy and love for him.. I really want to try to work through it before contemplating breaking up. I feel like we havent really tried anything to get over it as I havent known how to appr
  3. It was his idea to move in and he's always talking about the future... he seems really excited to move in and has started picking out furniture he likes, hes being really involved in the house buying process. I'm quite a closed person so it would always be him that brings up the future ect - I dont feel like I'm pushing anything onto him for him to want to slow things down at all, quite the opposite really. What you say is interesting though..perhaps he is wanting to advance the relationship in hope it will take his mind of his worries and in some way validate the relationship?
  4. Okay so a little bit of background…. My boyfriend and I have been together just over a year – let’s call him ‘Brian’. We clicked straight away and we have just exchanged contracts to buy a house together. We get on so so well, he makes me laugh constantly and I trust him with my life. He’s helped me through some really difficult times and is always there for me. He’s my best friend. There’s just one issue that keeps being brought up and really causes tension between us... the way we first met. I had a one night stand with his friend, in what I found out afterwards was Brian’s house. I was re
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