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  1. I will be able to move back in another 3 years. Thats the reason why i keep fly back to him. I actually want to be exclusive with him but i know he doesnt like ldr and kind of shellfish to sacrifice.
  2. My so and I dated around 1 year before going long distance. I moved to another state for my job for about 4 years. Until now, we have date a total of 2 years: 1 local and 1 ldr. We didnt really discussed about ldr before I go since we didin’t know what we wanted at that time. However, we both gave our relationship a chance. Ldr was extremely hard. While I felt okay doing that, he constantly felt lonely and sad. I once suggested he could go out for hook up if he wanted because he has high sex drive. We broke up about 3 months in our ldr. At that point, i have already booked the ticket back to s
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