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  1. Wow, this is almost exactly what i needed to hear, thank you so much. So straight to thepoint yet really healing words. I agree, therapy is necessary, and you’re right in I had those feelings before he came along and almost relied on him for temporary ‘curing’ so to speak. This is definitely something I will bring up in my next therapy session and hopefully I can begin to work on myself for the future. Again, thank you.
  2. I know...it was actually me who did the dumping because I realised he couldn’t give me what I wanted. Is it possible that if you’re a rebound they can still find you attractive/like you somewhat? I just feel so low about myself. I don’t want him to have used me just because I was there. You know, I’d like to think he at least found me attractive if he was having sex with me/taking me out etc. I just feel so ugly
  3. It's just difficult to think of myself as 'wonderful' in this scenario. I know I can never compete with an ex due to the fact that they have history etc etc but the idea of being used makes me feel so...gross? Like I'm just not pretty enough to actually want to DATE
  4. The thing is, is I would believe that more so if all we did was have sex. But very often it was me initiating. And we'd still go on 'proper' dates etc
  5. I feel like the possibility that I was a rebound has hurt my self esteem loads...I know rejection is never anything personal per se but I can't get out of my own head that he only saw me because I was 'convenient'. Main reason why I think I was a possible rebound: he was only 2 months out of a 2 year relationship when we first started dating Reasons why I'm possibly not: we lived about 1.5 hours away from each other, so I was hardly the most 'convenient' of girls to date. Plus he was the one to do the dumping When we first started dating, he would make reference to something 'great' happening between us, going away together etc. And then suddenly, he's all 'I don't want a relationship right now'. Like a complete 180. Is it possible for people to think they're ready and then realise, actually, they're not? Ugh, the idea of being someone's rebound makes me feel so unattractive.
  6. Hey all, we have a date set up for Wednesday so thanks for the help everyone!
  7. When im at college it’s much closer to him. im on vacation right now however so it’s long distance until October-ish.
  8. We hadn’t made plans for this week? He said he had to make himself as available as possible so didn’t know. So to me that was up in the air. I only offered the week after because I thought it would ease his stress a bit
  9. Hey, thank you for the reality check! I definitely get wound up. I’m nervous because I’m worried it’s a slow descent to a fade or a ghost and he doesnt actually want to see me again! But obviously I don’t know that
  10. Hey all - to cut a long story short: seen this guy a few times, felt pretty intense pretty quick. Good connection etc. We are about 1.5 hours from each other so not the easiest to see one another and he is in a full time job. He said he’s very eager to see me and this week coming up would be good - however on friday he got a job interview offer (he’s currently switching jobs which is a great source of stress to him) but doesnt know when yet so couldnt commit to seeing me. Totally get it. So we talk every day. And today I said that I guessed he hadn’t heard back yet as to when his interview is, so would the week after work better for him? He left me on read lol. Great. Did I do anything wrong? He has left me on read before and then messaged back later so this isn’t totally out of the ordinary
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