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  1. Guys, I swear on my son's life, it wasn't nearly as bad as it sounds. My ex isn't weak. She is 200 lbs, does kick boxing, brags she prefers bone cracking to massage and in the past she pulled a knife on her ex... I'm sure she was terrified when I pushed her in bed (being ironic).. I pushed her in bed like I had pushed her 204884 times before when u start to have sex... Bed was behind her and if u will I used a finger to knock her in bed. It really wasn't bad. She is by no means a good person, firing me from work? That was disgusting. Nevertheless, she is blocked now and so is
  2. And for the people who have been following my case, I'll explain here really quick why we broke up. We met, I was unemployed and had been for a few years. So I became needy, I wanted to spend all my time with her. I was at her place 6 times a week easily with her cooking, cleaning, etc. She became smothered. Eventually, after we came from holidays meeting my family, she was running out of money. She told me I could work for her company. She became my supervisor. Our department was 4 girls and me. My ex started to give me all the jobs and the other 4 girls and other supervisors star
  3. Thank you for your input. Yes in an ideal world the kids would remain friends, hang out and me and my ex would communicate friendly for the sake of the kids. When we broke up, for at least couple of months, I would drive my kid to her door for the kids to hangout, she was always hiding in the toilet. Once I called her from the outside, asked if she wanted to come outside to say hi, she answered no need. Very cruel. But my kid went a few months abroad to his mom and now has been back for 3 months. She never once contacted me to ask how he was. She doesn't really care, has moved on a
  4. I could write her and simply ask if we can talk? And go from there?
  5. No I don't have problems with my child, we are both very happy. My problem is I can't forget my ex and deep inside i still want her back. But it's too late now, ask straight if she wants to work things out? Wasn't my last msg to her clear, hinting I still would be open to work things out?
  6. I posted also on another forum. Its funny how people have different opinions. Some say I did the right thing in terminating the kids friendship. Some say its immature and controlling and I should let the kids speak. My gut feeling tells me I need to man up for once and if my ex doesn't want to be with me, I should cut all ties. I'm all or nothing type of guy which my ex hated. She is friends with all her exes except me, I guess she knows I don't take anything less than dating.
  7. Sure, I don't want to use him. One of the reasons I cut off kids connection. Even tho I know my ex wanted to keep this connection for the sake of her daughter. However, ofc I'm very sad, I had a little hope that if kids kept meeting, eventually I'd start speaking to my ex and things could happen or not. The way things are now, blocking the kids, and with my last msg to my ex, pretty much the ball is in her court. And the way she is, she is taking this as me hurting the kids to get some revenge. The probability of her reaching out is probably even less now. Is there anything a
  8. You sure there's no point in explain better my decison. Does she get it with my last msg? To be honest I'm in pain, deep down I long to reconcile even tho I know it's done and she has no interest. She probably is even more turned off now that I blocked the kids. She probably sees this as an attempt to get a reaction from her and blackmail her to come back.
  9. Problem is I still have feelings for her. But regardless, I think this really was the best decison, not only for me to move on in peace but also to show my ex I have the strength to cut this last connection and move on
  10. I didn't block them from my phone. Tho they have me blocked. I blocked them from my son's phone. Her daughter created a Facebook profile to contact me.
  11. Hurts a bit to know I teared down my very last hope. After all the kids were a connection. I wouldn't be able to win my ex back anyways. Maybe it's best for me and my son that the kids no longer speak and maybe my ex respects a bit more to be able to cut this off and walk away.
  12. My son is 10 and her daughter 13. It was a 7 months relationship with families involved etc. I need to protect myself and I think. Having my ex in the picture will make me stuck for years. We ended in very bad terms, she has me blocked everywhere
  13. Actually my ex's daughter just contacted me today and said her mother told her I don't allow the kids to talk no more. And she asked please to let them talk. I can't go back with my word, I need to protect myself and my mental health and my ex would respect me even less if I'd go back on my word. If she doesn't reach out to me, and doesn't want to be with me, so be it.
  14. My ex left me some time ago, she never made an attempt to reconcile. My son and her daughter kept in touch via video calls while playing online games. Now that my son moved in with me (he lived with his mom in another country previously) my ex's daughter started to call even more often. Last week, during one of the video calls, my ex popped up to say hi to my son, then she kept talking on the background for a while, I also heard a man's voice behind. In this case was my ex's daughter father but sometime in the future could me some guy my ex could be dating. I felt this was to
  15. Yeah, not posting here anymore. But thanks for your input.
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