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  1. Thanks guys. I agree, if you don't love yourself, you can't expect someone else to love you back. And when you surround yourself with positive vibes and film your life with the things you love you do attract the best friends and relationships that way. I really took what Ithinkican said to heart, I've begun envisioning this amazing woman who is all the things that I would respect and aspire to be, and I want to try and make myself more like her each day. Today alone I saw results. I wore a simple professional outfit to work, simple makeup, and wore my hair flipped over to the other side to
  2. That is honestly the best advise I think I have gotten to date. Everyone keeps saying "work on yourself" but when you're in my place, feeling kind of lost, that seems to be an extremely vague statement. I like the idea of trying to be more like the woman I want to be one day at a time. That makes it more doable in my head. Thank you so much for your honest and kind advice, without any undue judgement. I really appreciate it. ❤
  3. Ok, I really want to clear some things up. #1, I referred to "dressing hot", and by that I meant that some days I put more effort in to the way I look than others. Maybe I wake up in a good mood, or maybe I'm just bored and lonely the night before and put curlers in my hair and plan an outfit. Either way, I don't do it to purposely get attention, but of course when you feel you look your best you want the guy you have a crush on to see you. I have no doubt that maybe it has come off as intimidating or desperate, I guess I never thought of it that way. I work in an office. I never look dishevel
  4. Not talking about that guy. ( the person who quoted my previous post)
  5. So I've talked in previous posts about the guy at work I hooked up with. I tried to forget him, dated another guy for a while. We've since split, and even though I'm trying so hard to resist it, the feelings for the work guy are coming back. Hard. One weird thing I have noticed about him though...he completely ignores me on days when I look my best. Now I know that sounds ridiculous. But I work in a very close quarters office. Whenever I dress nicely, he avoids me all day. At first I thought it to be coincidence. But I've started to take notice, and there's clearly a trend. The days I fee
  6. You're probably right. And logically it makes no sense to see him again. He's already said he's scared of being with someone who has a kid. Obviously that's not going to change. All of my friends have said the same thing, let him go, work on you, be alone. But there's just something about him that makes me so happy, so comfortable, I haven't felt like this about someone since I was in highschool. It's like part of me is willing to risk getting hurt worse for the tiny shred of hope that there might be some chance to be with him long term. My head and my heart are at odds and I don't know who to
  7. Hey guys! First off, I just wanna thank everyone on this site. It's awesome to know I have somewhere to get advice that's not sugar-coated, but real and to the point. Thanks for caring enough to read this. So, I've posted about this pseudo-relationship I've been in over the past month with this guy a few times on here. Things have really come to an impasse and I feel like I'm at a crossroads, completely confused on which way to go. As my last post indicated, recently our communication has become a lot less frequent. A lot could explain that, the novelty wears off, people get busy, ect.
  8. So I've been seeing this guy for about a month now. He's recently divorced (about a year) and I got out of a 5 yr relationship w a child about 4 months ago. He's great, we get along really well and have a lot in common, and things are great physically as well. I spent all of last weekend w him at his place, he cooked for me, we relaxed and watched sports, it was perfect. We don't get to see each other a whole lot bc I share custody of my daughter and I don't want to introduce her to anyone I'm seeing until I know it's serious. He surprised me weds night and asked me to come over after I got ho
  9. Thank you all for your thoughtful responses. I'm anxiety ridden with normal life too lol. I feel like this is why we click, he's got OCD. It's not the same but the two go hand in hand a bit. I know I overthink things. I've told him that. I am well aware that I fall fast and hard, but there's not much I've been able to do to ever alleviate that. I've been trying so hard to keep a level head, and to give him space. We bonded super fast, so I really just want to see him happy, even if it's not with me... he's been through so much and it sounds like he's been treated so ty. So I think he wants spa
  10. I met a guy online about 2 weeks ago. He had just moved to my town from out of state after being separated from his wife for almost a year, still working on finalizing things. We started chatting an immediately hit it off. I felt a real connection with him, so for once I actually obliged when he suggested we meet up for a date. We planned to go to a small local bar to have some beers. We got there and the bar was closed for some reason. Instead we opted to go buy a 6 pack and chill at his place and watch the game. We talked and drank a bit, and we really seemed to connect. He was a complete ge
  11. I recently broke up with my boyfriend of almost 6 years.our relationship was falling apart because he pretty much ignored me all the time. I'm about to turn 30 this year. I feel completely out of control. I don't want to date anyone right now, but I can't help but keep crushing on any guy that shows me the slightest bit of attention. It's like s different guy everyday almost, or two at the same time. It's absolutely ridiculous. I haven't felt like this since I was in high school. I don't want to be obsessing over guys. I want to focus on my career, my music, my child. I just really don't know
  12. To be absolutely honest... A bit. I'm sure I'll be chastised for saying that. But I'm coming off of an almost 6 year relationship, which is for all intents and purposes a divorce. Child, apartment, lots of tragedy my ex and I had gone through together. The issue was, it all made me mature very fast and take on a parenting role. I busted my ass to get a better job, I got a place for us, I paid almost all the bills. My ex didn't step up much, and forgot birthdays, anniversaries, and left me feeling neglected. He and I talked about that. For a long while. He asked me questions that seemed really
  13. I'll try to make this to the point! And please don't judge. If you're here to call me a dirty name, just know that it's not going to phase me. I'm a feminist at heart and I believe women have needs too!!! Alright, so I started this new job a few months ago. The guy who is my on going trainer is my age, and I find him really attractive. He's my superior in the job role, I'm technically his assistant. The people in the office regularly go out and drink together, and I got invited. I sat next to him, we talked and flirted all night, and I drank WAY more than I normally do. Towards the end of t
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