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  1. Noooo, thats not the same guy. Someone ese... He is just a friend, we never had anything going on. We only talk about dating problems. Never shared a bed or something like that. It was more about hanging out together on friday/saturday night. I don't think he is married, but as far as I know he has a chronic disease and is in very close contact with his family. I guess that is the problem. That's what he meant with he has to explain himself to people. I don't know any details. We went to the university together. That's how I know him and the other people he is hanging out. We are in
  2. Hey, Maybe I am overthinking things. That's why I would appreciate some advice on one topic. I have a friend we know each other for a few years. We never were very close but we used to party a lot when we were younger. He is not living in my town, so he stayed at my place over the weekend and sometimes we were hanging out together or he met his other friends or he stayed at his friends place and we met for a few hours. That was before covid. A few months ago he was staying my place. He had the keys to my apartment and because I was at work he had the apartment for himself for
  3. She wasnt sure about that weekend ir the next one. My plan was to travel back not later than saturday because I wanted to be the sunday at home as I am starting to work on monday. Thats why she had the idea that instead of going home on saturday I could go to her birthday party. It would be ok but she and my relatives live in differebt parts of the country and I would be more on the road. I just dont want to compromize my plans as I did for all the big events in her life in the last months. I know this is stupid. I simply dont want to travel a lot of miles every day... Because of her work sh
  4. Hello, I need some advice.... I had an arguement with a good friend of mine. She invited me to a birthday party. I said I couldnt come because I promised to visit some relatives in another part of the country. Thats the point: She cant accept this. Why cant I go to my parents place one day before her birthday (it is 5 hours ride), going to her birthday the next day (2hours), stay there overnight and then going home (5 hours). On the next day I have to work again. Last year I asked my former boss if I can go to our business trip overseas one day later only for her 30ies birthday party. S
  5. I have to agree with you. I think he won't do the test because I ibdirectly acceptet his opinion about that topic. I am also askibg myself why I keep on dating him. To be honest I dob't kbow. When I tell myself I will not call him or I will end the affair, I am on the way to his place. Everytime I am wondering why. Really stupid I know
  6. Oh, I am suprised that you all have the same opinion. He is not always like that. Everytime I am visiting him he cares for me and tries to make me feel comfortable. But thank you for four response!
  7. Thanks for your posts! In fact we broke up one year ago but we talked to each other and it was ok again. In fact he wasn't this big countryside fan when we got toknow each other. He had an apartment in the city and dreamed of buying a house in the suburbs but he changed his mind and moved back to the place he grew up. I asked him if we should do it together but he said he didn't want to and I didn't want to force him.... but I have not thought about the rapid tests. Are they as good as the normal ones?
  8. Hello! At the moment, I am sad and angry about my boyfriend. Actually we are best friends plus but we both say it feels like a real relationship. We know each other for 2 years now. The reason why we are not a so called real couple is that I have asked him to do a HIV test. I knew from his past that he really liked women (probably still does) but doesn't like condoms. I did one on my own. He said he will do the test when he feels he is ready. I told him that it is hard for me to trust him as he refuses the test. Also, I don't feel really good when we're having sex (with condoms). He is a
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