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  1. Thanks everyone for all the replies. Heres what I have done: I called another doctor and will be getting a 2nd opinion next week. I started getting more sleep. Its been hard to adjust but getting there. I stopped drinking coffee... not a big deal for some people but I didnt realize how dependent I became on coffee, I needed it to function thru the day. So far, I been ok.
  2. So my doctor seems to think I have anxiety. I have a few questions. Anyone who had it, can u share with me what its really like? In ur experience, can it be treated without pills? I was having fast heart beat and couldnt sleep the other night, my left arm went numb a couple of times, some chest pains come and go. Hard to sleep. At the end of the doctors visit he prescribed me klonopin pills.
  3. Talk to him, open up and improve communication in the relationship. Stop watching porn. See a therapist together.
  4. That would be awesome. Im the first, its special. I went to a wedding today and the pastor said, both him and her have to share everything. They are now a couple, he is hers and she is his. They both have to be open, honest and support each other. I know u dont wanna marry the guy but at least realize that being honest matters, being the first means something.
  5. Well, there. Can you tell him this exactly how you told me? Being upfront and honest about your feelings.
  6. Im a man in my 30s and I suggest going out through friends. Expanding your social circle, being available for anything when friends call you and that way meeting other chicks. The problem I see some guys have is being too desperate and pursuing everyone woman that comes their way. In my opinion, making female friends works much better, you also get a group of women to choose from, like a menu. Online dating feels very weird to me, something about it is odd so yea, just my opinion. Hope that helps.
  7. Do you feel you wont measure up to other girls? Do you feel other women will be able to please him better than you? Do you think that regardless of what you know, you will still mess up and not be good enough? And given you are a sapiosexual, wouldnt you be having open conversations with him over many things? Personal things and even sex? Its much better if you are honest and lay it out first, sex is supposed to be fun and even playful.
  8. Katherine gibbs huh I almost went there. 3 of my friends were also into art and design so they went instead, meanwhile I tried to save some money to go too. Luckily they told me me how bad it was, one of them ended with thousands of dollars in debt.
  9. Sounds like you both destroyed the relationship. At least you admit you did some things wrong. I believe people tend to think back on how the person was in the beginning, they hold on to that image or memories and thats what hurts. Maybe time alone will make things better.
  10. So whats really going on here, why do you say you dont have a history of dating? Why havent you in the past?
  11. I asked the specialist and he said surgery is the only way to deal with it. Maybe if I see my family doctor and ask to be referred to someone else, get a 2nd opinion.
  12. I havent had surgery done because it never caused pain, so the doctor said to see him again months later in case it got worst. He did say if it does, then the only solution is surgery. I was hoping there was another way. However this week it has caused discomfort and feeling of tightness.
  13. He said they were small and since I had no pain then to see him a year later
  14. I dont think my doctor does it that way, I gotta ask him.
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