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  1. @Annia. I do not know for sure. She had two boyfriends before me, but does not like to mention them. I would have prefered if she wasn't as at least one of us would have a clue of what we're doing, but it's not exactly something I feel comfortable prying into. I guess you could say we're both kind of shy when it comes to sex. (She's just a more extreme version of me: that's why our personalities fit together. :) ). Also as of right now it doesn't really matter as either of us is far from ready for intercourse. Nevertheless I should probably look at her organ down there next time we end up in a
  2. To give a little bit of a context on me: I'm nearly thirty, started dating at around 26 and got into my first (and current) relationship only about two months ago, so I'm a little bit "behind", which sometimes can unfortunately make me feel insecure. Now to the question: My girlfriend is amazing and I enjoy that we have a very open communication in our relationship. There is unfortunately one exception and that is when it comes to being intimate more specifically to her wants. She's happy to discuss with me what I like, but when I ask her about what she likes, she suddenly becomes very shy
  3. Well I finally made it. Been dating a very sweet girl for about a month now. I knew of her for quite a while, but kind of was out of my radar: till I learned we take the same bus home, so I took the opportunity to go for a coffee and a friendly chat. I'm a type of a guy who once starts talking, can never be stopped so we ended up spending 5 hours together. Few days after, she started showing affection towards me which I reciprocated and now we're dating. So far we seem to have very compatible personalities: we're both rather shy, but very affectionate people and enjoy simple romantic gestures.
  4. Thanks for your input, however stubborn as I am, I won't follow your advice. First of all: giving up is not an option for me. While there are definitely worse things than being single, it's already really bad by my standards. Second it would not be a first time I'd have to deal with odds stacked against me and most likely not the last. Also it's not as if I was trying to win a lottery here. The odds can be changed by my actions and my choices, so it's just a question of learning.
  5. @smackie9 Thanks. You're right, when it comes to mental help: I sometimes do way too much of care on my own. I got an appointment with my psychiatrist and I'll discuss medication with her. @MissCanuck I tried to call a crisis center. They were right to remind me to get something to eat: I haven't eaten much recently.As for activities: honestly video games is the only activity, that worked reliably for me. Doing anything else and I just get too distracted by my despair. Unfortunately they have a certain addictive nature if I stay on them too long. @Unreasonable Best evidence for that is simpl
  6. I have quite a bad depression for which I have to take medication. As far as I can tell it's mostly due to my loneliness. When you're nearing 30 and still hoping for your first kiss it just really wears on you. As long as there is someone I can view as a potential partner, I can manage it decently thanks to my medication, but as I recently faced rejection all my usual depressive symptoms came back in full force. I usually get stuck in a situation where I'm unable to do anything but lay down and cry and it can last hours. It is at these points, that suicide feels like the only option. As unfort
  7. It has been two years since I made this thread, I thought I might try give in some updates here. Before even getting into any club activities I actually had to deal with quite a bad social anxiety. Thanks to help of my therapist I at least managed to get that burden out of the way. I got to a few clubs and met my fair share of interesting people, but still not much luck with ladies. One of my problem is that I tend to be pretty oblivious as to how even the process of seduction works. Didn't deal with all that as a teen and now that I'm almost 30 I get to be pretty awkward and confused about th
  8. Thank you both for your answers. While I am definitely considering going to quite a few clubs (right now for instance I have some interest in martial arts and board games), I'm kind of skeptical of being able to find any girlfriend that way. I don't know if i'll be able to force myself into going to "girly" places, but who knows if I ever grew interest in any of these I might join. It'd be just too unnatural for me and boring to force myself going somewhere just to get to have more female friends. In many ways I guess I'm screwed, because as I said I'm introverted, so going to social mee
  9. I'm afraid this is going to be quite a tirade. In summary I'm a 27 year old man, who just can't seem to get into any relationship (still hoping for a first kiss...) . I've had quite a few depressions due to that and I have been visiting a psychologist for a year now. As of right now, I am holding up fairly well (mostly because I got accepted for a phD. program I always wanted) and I would like to try another shot at dating, because I just don't want to feel lonely my whole life. So I am looking for advice I can find hoping I will fare better this time. Here's my story in more details. I
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