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  1. I was abused and beaten in my childhood both from my father and school kids. I ate to feel better.
  2. So whose help do you suggest I should seek out?
  3. Thank you so much for spending your time to reply me. Your advice means the world to me. Also, yeah, I'm still young to fix this. Longterm I see myself having a heart attack If I continue this way. You encouraged me to go see a nutritionist. Starting tomorrow, I will remember every word you said first thing in the morning. And make a much better breakfast decision, for a start. And take a walk after work.
  4. Hi guys. I'm a 23 year old guy and I have a problem with eating too much daily without much physical activity and I need your help. My problem may sound silly, but ever since I was a kid I was overweight and I always used food as a source of comfort. I am very prone to being highly obese. Later on I lost significant amout of weight and kept the good figure, but for the last 2 years I just eat way too much than I need to and I also don't have much physical activity at all. My work requires me to sit for 7 hours, I drive everywhere using my car, and at home I also sit. When I'm out - I'm out in some cafe where I also sit and drink coffee or something. I know the obvious thing - change something. But It's just not that easy to change unhealthy habit just like that. I think I have a serious eating disorder or something and any words of help and ad vice are more than welcome for me. I am 193cm tall (6'4) And I probably weight about 110kg (17 stone)
  5. She's not of different culture. She claims she's an atheist and I am a deep orthodox christian and am a big believer in God. She doesn't like it when I talk about orthodox books, and when I go to church. And you're right, my spirit is drained. I don't want to see her because subconsciously I know my energy would be drained and I would get angry, mad and sad every time I see her. I would postpone our going-outs as much as I can and she can see it. But I can't end it and I don't know what it is. Fear of being alone? Fear of breaking the habit of having a certain person is your life? Beautiful times we've had before?
  6. Hello good people. I am 22 year old man and I've got a girlfriend one year younger (Yes, we're very young.) Let me just say this is my longest relationship ever (1 year and 2 months) and the longest period I've had experience with relationships with someoone was 5 months and I've been with several girls so this is not my first girlfriend. Right now I am really stuck in a loop here and I really need you guys to tell me what am I not seeing here or am hiding from myself. I would do my best to try to describe this as best as possible but I really think that I don't understand 70% of what's going on. The relationship started great. We would go out, spend a lot of time together, I would make small surprises, big surprises, gifts, phonecalls - everything was perfect. Everything was going great for about 7-8months. As time went by she would show more and more jealousy, more attention seeking behaviour, more doubt in me. She would just go into "I am mad now" zone where she would turn angry and would be silent until I have to do my best to make her go back to being herself. I always did that with humor and talking her into it. Now, everything's changed, she moved over to work in another town (1 hour and 30 mins away from my town), for the last couple of months I lost interest to do anything. When we go out I can't wait to go home (before, I could spend a night with her without feeling like going home), I can't find stuff to talk with her about, I don't being romantic, lovable, open, no small surprises, I'm not trying as much as I did before. Basically, everything has changed. And she's constantly getting mad and angry about this and about that. I noticed she gets irritated when I go out with friends, because she probably wants all my attention for herself. She tried breaking up with me 2 times and I tried it once after that. All of it ended up in both of us crying in each other's arms saying how we don't want to lose each other. t But every time we get in an arguement 8/10 times it ends up with us talking about how we don't work out anymore. Last time we got in an argument she was totally about to break up, but then she called me over and just cried about how she doesn't want to lose me. Part of me wants this to end to feel relief, but part of me can't imagine days going by without her around. What's the thing that's keeping us together still? I think the only thing stopping me from ending it is the past beautiful experiences we've had together, and everything nice we had, our own nicknames we would call each other, our own way of talking... I am in a situation where I don't know what to do. I think loosing her would be so hard and painful but I don't know If there's something for me to do to make things better? Cause still I don't want to give up.
  7. Right. I will really consider yours and DancingFool's advice on this 'cause you are obviously wiser on this than me. I'm just barely scratching the surface. I will take actions, however those actions will be ''small steps''.
  8. Right. So what I should do is start asking my self: What I must do to achieve [insert goal here]?
  9. So persistance is what you would suggest? And thanks for replying !
  10. The thing is I'm still trying to find out what It is I mostly want to do in my life. I'm kind of confused at the moment even though I look like I know what I'm doing and any source of positivity and motivation is useful to me
  11. DancingFool, you are always a voice of reason for me on this forum. Thanks for making me aware of this stuff. I will think about everything in general. So far, I think I'm doing fine. And when talking about my friends, individually I can get them interested in the things I'm saying and believing in. But the fact is, I do know a lot of people but I only consider 2 guys as my true friends and they are far from interested in self-development. For them the only thing that's possible is: school > University > Work.
  12. That's something I'm trying to find out on this journey. I want to first focus on my inside (beliefs, mindset, motivation) so that then I can focus on the outside of money making
  13. Thank you so much for an advice and your reply. I know that I am supposed to surround myself with people who made it to absorb their mindsets and their way of thinking. I can't find people like that in my environment right now, so I find them on youtube through videos and I find them in books.
  14. I am almost 21 y/o man and I'm a student (Foreign Languages Faculty). I'm born in a poor middle-class being affected by all the middle-class thinking and all that mediocrity. However, most of the time I consider myself as a smart guy with a higher consciousness. There's one thing bothering me and that is: being poor financially. I know that I can't expect from life to give me all the wealth and richess at the age of 21, and I am aware of the fact that I have to be patient for the results to come. The reason why I'm writing this is because I'm wondering whether I am on the REAL way towards success and wealth or am I just fooling myself and this is just some young-aged phase that won't last. The thing is, I'm not just saying to myself that I want to be rich and not do anything about it. There's actually many things I do on daily basis: I read money/business/success books daily (minimum 30mins a day). I've resently read a book "How Rich People Think" and I actually realised how all the middleclass is affected by the beliefs of others in the middleclass about money, success and prosperity. I watch youtube videos from self-help "gurus" and I try to learn as much as I can about what It takes and what I am missing on daily basis. Currently I am really impressed by the guy called Jordan Belford, the real wolf of the Wall street and I follow his thinking throughout his presentations and speeches. I also started listening to inspiring success subliminals, visualization and similar stuff. I cut out social media. I've stopped doing things for entertainment such as: playing videogames, watching tv series, chatting on facebook, watching pointless YT videos, jacking off, I even limited the amount of time I spend with my friends drastically because they have no ambitions whatsoever and they see my wishes and my desires as something ridiculous, unreachable and pretty much, they think I'm full of . Pretty much anything I see as a pointless thing/action or as a waste of time: I feel bad doing it. Even though I do all this stuff and absorb every given tip and strategy I still feel like being rich is something that's so, so, so far away from me and It almost seems completely impossible. And sometimes I even find myself thinking how this is all a delusion and how I'll never get there where a very small amount of people who figured it out are. I could use some tips on this, 'cause I want to improve even more. And I know the things I do daily and the habits I'm trying to install is something I will rarely see anyone that's my age will be doing.
  15. I'm going to start with making my list first thing in the morning. Making a few minor goals throughout the day and actually accomplishing them could have psychological benefits for lifting the mood. It doesn't matter If the goal is - study from 5 to 6pm. I did something I planned, at least
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