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  1. You need to cut all contact with John. Move on from him. If I were Peter I would be more mad that you were still communicating with this person. That happened before you knew you wanted to be with Peter. I wouldn’t tell him. It’s just going to break his heart, now that you guys are in love.
  2. Cheaters are liars already. Do you you really thing they will be upfront and come clean?
  3. Sorry, but most on here are giving you terrible advice. If he’s hiding something, do you think he’s going to tell you? No, he’s not. If it is a surprise (probably not) do you want to ruin it? No. It’s best to keep your eyes open and mouth shut. If you get a chance, look at his phone. Or next time he’s acting that way, take his phone. See what he’s doing. Look, the worst thing you could do is ask him at this point. If he is doing something he will just hide it more. Then, you will never find out what’s going on. You already feel like something is off. Trust your gut. Just start snooping.
  4. She is playing games. A break during quarantine? You haven’t even seen each other. Why could she go with her “friend” but couldn’t come see you? I would put my foot down if I were you. Just be done. Don’t msg her anymore. If she does message, don’t reply. If you can’t help yourself from replying, just block her. She only is leaving the pictures up because you guys had a “friendly” break up. I read the whole post. You sound like a really great guy! Any girl would be lucky to have someone so caring! Her loss!
  5. It’s definitely possible it happened. Once she cools down, you’ll have to talk it out. Keep your eyes open with this girl though.
  6. Did this supposedly happen before you were dating? Also, who exactly is the person who told you? An ex? Or a friend?
  7. May or may not be true. I would just see how things go. Could be a red flag though. If there is another red flag, I would be out. When we are first dating someone there are usually signs of whether or not they are good/bad for us. Eyes open.
  8. Those who have nothing to hide, hide nothing. So yeah, he’s hiding something. That’s a big red flag.
  9. I would say you are not a priority to her. She had sex with her cousin! That’s disgusting. I would run if I were you.
  10. He needs to have a consequence for his behavior. If he drinks again, kick him out. Tell him if he drinks, he has to go. Make sure you follow through.
  11. There is someone out there for you. Make sure to update us when you find her.
  12. Hello! About the experience or lack thereof regarding relationships. I’ve known people who have had only one relationship ever, and are married to this day. A relationship involves being able to compromise with each other, and having mutual trust. As long as you communicate what your needs are and what your expectations are, you will be fine. Confidence. A woman likes a man to be confident. If you aren’t confident, then that could be a reason girls shy away. The gym is a wonderful place to meet a girl. My husband first asked me out at our gym. Please re think the online dating
  13. Please don’t be so hard on yourself. There isn’t one person on this post, or in the world who haven’t made mistakes that they wish they could take back. We are all human, so that means mistakes happen from time to time. Just try and learn from it. Stop being hard on yourself, please! Just resolve the situation in your own mind by deciding that you will never be in a situation like that again with the opposite sex.
  14. You are thinking you can’t get over him, but you can! You are holding on to the man he used to be, or the man you wish he were!! He’s not a good man at all! This relationship is toxic. Cut off all contact, and you will be over him in no time! I was with a man who I had to worry about whether or not he was cheating all the time! I finally made up my mind to get away from him. After about 2 weeks it got easier to be away, and I never looked back!
  15. I don’t believe this is your fault or anything you have done wrong. So sorry you’re struggling. This situation isn’t likely to improve. The trust is already broken. What is a relationship without trust? Do you really want to go through this all of the time? You deserve for someone to treat you right. Don’t settle for this. Have a talk with him about your relationship and how you feel..about the sex and just him overall disrespecting you. Never tell him about reading the messages. You don t want to tip your hand..that’s always a bad idea.....always trust your gut. Your gut is telling yo
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