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  1. I personally know of a young girls with non-verbal autism who's family controls those symptoms her with a cbd oil every day
  2. If I were you, I'd save up for one big international trip to another country. Here are some tips to travel on a budget: - Use flight comparison sites - Research all transport options - Use local transport instead of luxury or tourist options - Book ahead - Stay out of season - Use a budget hotel chain, hostel or Airbnb Hope my tips help you budget your trip this summer
  3. Personally, I am a padded/push up bra kind of girl! I really believe it makes me look better in t-shirts, but also dresses and sweaters. More streamlined, if that makes sense. And I like the fact that they are not " see through":)especially those from sweet buy outs
  4. anngrant

    Trusting issues

    I have trusting issues too
  5. No One Wants You by Celine Roberts
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