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  1. Don’t get me wrong, the last thing I ever want to do is rob my son of his mother. He loves her just as much as he loves me. The kid she’s seeing is really a very nice guy. However, she seems to playing with must and it’s blinding her as if she found who she is suppose to be with forever. The other night I had her sign a couple copy’s of an agreement that stats a bunch of stuff. Pretty much cuts down any hope of her taking my son from me based off her raw emotion versus what’s legal. She never once spent a second understanding the difference between using the legal system versus her own sel
  2. So our divorce is final next week. Wife found Her 22 year old man of her(27) dreams 2.5 months ago. Within the first week of them seeing eachother she introduced our son to him and a week later our son to his family. Within the last month the new bf began staying almost every night in the bed with her while our son sleeps in his own bed. They already take our son to the bf parents house almost every Sunday for dinner. She says she’s never been happier and know he’s the one she will spend her life with and have a family with. I’ve always been a good father, always there with my son, never mi
  3. Absolutely correct and that had been my Achilles heel is the fact I’ve only wanted/want her other wise I wouldn’t of married her. She doesn’t seem to see it the same way, which that part I’ve come to terms with. As much as I would love to have a healthy relationship with her where we work it allll out. That’s day dreaming versus the reality is at this point it wouldn’t and won’t ever happen. I think that’s why respond so much, I get sucked into my fantasy/day dreaming of a life together again, then the reality slaps me in the face... so then I’m posting about it already knowing the answers. Ju
  4. Both of your responses are 100% correct. I know she doesn’t want me back, that’s what Is so confusing about the entire way it is all playing out. Obviously, both responses have shed some clarity on what she is doing and my gut was telling me the same things. Call it I just needed reassurance about the situation? It’s more about I hang onto the fact we were married almost 10 years and just a very short time ago we were still trying and with eachother. I’m slowly but surely backing off completely. I don’t feel the sudden urge to respond right away or initiate conversation anymore like I did w
  5. Short story long...wait. Nvm. My wife and I final divorce date is aug. 28th. We have one 4year old son. We we’re still trying up until middle/end of may. Then she decided without a doubt she wanted a divorce. About June 7th all of a sudden she found what I labeled during our fights as mr. everything/perfect. Hes 22 and she’s 27(not tat it matters?). We were still sexually active together about four days before they went on their first date(supposedly). Then poof, like that I was completely shut out from her life, no more staying over on the weekends, got the rest of my stuff and left. I was
  6. Well, now she wants to try and text throughout the day. Get to work and get a text about our son and arraignments. However, then she just starts telling me about her day.... what is the point of that, she has a man to confide in. So I had to stop the conversation and just told her nicely it’s not a good idea to talk.
  7. I guess you can say I’m heart broken, I fought for the marriage to save it. Our final court date is aug. 28th to sign the final papers. She has zero interest so it seems in me anymore. She in the last couple weeks already found herself a 22 year old that apparently has a great job but still lives at home with his mom and dad. I guess the age gap shouldn’t be a thing as she’s only 27 and I’m 29. It’s just the fact one of the reason she wanted out was we were so young and now wants to start over with a man that’s around that same age we were.... within the last month apparently he’s amazing and
  8. Your're right, I do care its happening but not in the sense Im hoping that means she wants to sleep with me or date again. More along the lines that I took the time to respond and was actually always interested to see how her life turned out or was going. I had a pretty good idea what was going on. just needed other peoples input to reinforce what my gut was telling. I wouldnt be surprised that she is doing the same to other people. The biggest thing that i didnt see that you all pointed out was the time gap. To me, it has been that long that I wouldnt purposely contact someone else to fill a
  9. my main question out of all this is, even when i do ignore her time and time again. if all she wants is to fill a ego trip, why not give up on it with me and find it some where else?
  10. Oh, I did the whole ignore her messages. in the start of it, i never even opened the messages. yet, she would still months or a year later randomly send me message again. However, looking back at it, every message i would open and respond to. she would start the convo off and talk about things like we just didnt talk about it a few months ago, or as if she just didnt up and stop responding. this last time we ran into eachother at the liquor store, she said hi and i just replied the same. we just went our separate ways. then, a couple weeks later she messages "it was crazy seeing you at the sto
  11. short story, dated a chick in high school and i was crazy for her. the whole puppy dog madly in love stuff. we broke up early my senior year 2006. 2009 I came home from iraq on my mid tour leave and some how she ended up coming over to the house i was staying at for the two weeks i was home. that night i didnt really have much to say to her but by the end of it we hooked up. Needless to say, that was it, she disappeared from my life. i obviously like anyone moved on years ago from her and my puppy dog love. years and years go by, i get married and have a kid, etc... i caught myself during
  12. You all are absolutely correct. The reason I won’t give them time of day again is the fact we are all grown adults. It bothers me to a certain point as I wouldn’t purposely just cut someone out like that. However, it shows me they had a issue with who I am. Which means their not for me, because I won’t change who I am. Also, if they have their own insercuritys, then that’s their fault for missing out on getting to know me. I use to let that kind of stuff consume me as for relationships and issues all together. Then I realized I’m the only one stressing that I’m doing something wrong, don’t
  13. First women: We grew up near eachother when we were teens. However, never really talked. We started chatting while I was in the army and overseas in Iraq(2008). Little did I know, she had the biggest crush on me, but I never picked up on it once. Not to get graphic, but it was and still is clear it is just a sexual attraction. After sometime we lost contact with eachother. Then recently within a couple months we find eachother online. Without skipping a beat she ask when are we going to hook up because she’s been waiting to long. She starts sending me your standard half to fully nude ph
  14. Thanks everyone so far for the advice and mentoring. I can assure everyone IÂ’m not as blind or brain dead as I may come off. I say that due to posting on this forum for awhile now about pretty much the same thing and to do with the same person. All to get similar responses. I donÂ’t know where I lost my backbone with my wife. Where I became a person that became a people pleaser to the point she just runs over me.... Personally, I believe itÂ’s to late to become assertive with her when it comes to saving our relationship and her taking me for granted. I donÂ’t know how to find middle groun
  15. May of 2017 my wife asked for a divorce. Which I moved out but didn’t want any of it. I always wanted to work out our problems but with the issues between us she never had the want to actually work through them. So I moved out, I found my own place but I also stayed her door mat. I paid her rent, worked around her schedule. Worked, and then would watch our son 7 days out of the week. As she went two school and worked at the bar during the weekends. Then she would go out after work at the bar to another local bar at least once to twice a week/weekend.... this is not to point fingers as I ma
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