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  1. I have 2 things that he has to do. Then he can be gone forever. I'm never going to call him, miss him or feel bad for him ever again. I just can't wait till he's gone he repulses me my skin crawls just being in the same house, especially now that I've seen and heard what he's really like
  2. Lol I have already introduced myself to her when he was on the ph the other day (on speaker ph) and then reminded him he was supposed to be packing...later that night he was saying " see I told u she was a crazy bit@h"
  3. Thanks. His new gf is definitely real. Again he was on the ph for 5 hours last night telling her what a mean person i am ( we signed papers yesterday agreeing to split of property-he was fine with it) last night he's telling her how I have taken everything and left him with nothing how I go into his room trying to have sex with him and he has to yell at me to get out how I'm insanely jealous and somany other lies. I can't even stand to look at him let alone touch him. I think I would be physically ill. Then he comes back inside and tries sleazing. "Get some sleep, I'm responsible for al
  4. His family has said no. He has no friends because he treats everyone like dirt. He only ever had 1friend and they had a falling out years ago. He even alienated all my friends. His new f2f apparently lives too far away. I'm too old to get any help from my parents. I might just call the police if he's still here next week but even if he goes to a hotel I still have all his stuff it'd take me weeks to drag it all onto the front lawn and then the council would probably fine me. Lol
  5. Update The real estate agent has just called and his lease was not approved. I don't want him and his junk and im so scared he's going to ask me if he can stay longer
  6. Thanks. I have tried to pack his stuff, nothing 'personal' just clothes dvd's etc. To make sure hes packed, but he just yells "Stop it!!!!" . He's a bit of a hoarder so there is a lot of stuff and a lot he'll be leaving. I have enough to sort out already. I am at my wits end I've tried to consider him in every way, but no more.
  7. I have split u with my ex. We were together for 18 years he has psychological problems and depression. We live in a small town. He is Hopefully leaving at the end of the week. I have accepted all of this and will be glad when he's gone. My problem is that he has found someone else. He is on the phone to her for hours every day avoiding packing, but I'll do that for him if I have to to get him gone. While he's on the phone I have overheard part of the conversation with his new girlfriend, I wasn't snooping. He is just that careless and stupid sitting outside my bedroom window at 1am in
  8. I know. He's annoying me more everyday. He's supposed to be packing, but he keeps calling her for 2hours at a time a couple of times a day then again all night plus he's messaging people and replying to Facebook posts another couple of hours each day so there's little time left. I've asked him to stop and pack but he just loses it. I tell him to just leave with nothing , he won't. He's driving me mad. Even today he's been on the phone or messaging her since midday, it's just after 5pm now. During that time he stopped for 30 minutes after I told him to stop, again, we argued for 20 minu
  9. Congratulations. It's good to hear you're feeling the way u are now. I'm going through a break up now and I can't wait to feel better. Every day he's here I feel more useless and worthless, hopefully he'll be gone next week. I can't believe even though I'm helping him with money to go etc, he doesn't have the decency to even attempt to hide his messaging or 2 hour phone calls of him proclaiming his love for her and badmouthing me. He's making me so mad but I'm not going to bite I just try and help him pack so he can take his crap and go. I look at him and hate him. This is not the sort o
  10. I can relate so much to this my now ex is still here and now packing to hopefully leave next week. He used to say the exact same things. He has had depression for years and now has been diagnosed as a sociopath and narcissist. I had to pay him to leave. He used to say he could never love again, felt nothing for anyone etc. Then he'd pull the guilt card and then start pretending he wanted to work things out, but he only wanted somewhere to live. He never did anything except play games or chat on Facebook he was just using me till he found 'something better'. Right now he's sitting in the
  11. I'm sure she has no idea what he's really like. I didn't. He's telling me the same things he told me about me, but about her. 'we have so much in common we like the same things' . They're already planning trips away etc. Like when we were going to travel everywhere together and a lot of the other plans we made. He just loves to tell you what you want tho hear, or mirrors youbut once he got you hooked and alone and he takes away everything you got emotionally, financially, any independence or self esteem and dignity you've got he's too lazy to do anything except think of himself, what he
  12. According to him she lives a long way away and he hasn't even met her yet (which I find hard to believe because he hAd been 'staying with relatives' a few months ago for a week here and a couple of days there. The only problem is that the relatives he was with at the time either don't really exist or I know for a fact at least two other times when he went away for a weekend he wasn't where he said he was going. According to him they're Facebook friends, maybe one day there might be something. They have so much in common etc. Etc. Yesterday I saw messages of them proclaiming their love for
  13. Yes we've agreed I can borrow some money and pay him out to go. I gave him a couple of weeks to move but his family won't take him and he has to find a place first. Today I found out he already has another woman lined up tho take my place. Good luck to her and I'm happy because it means he won't be changing his mind fingers crossed.
  14. Thank you I really do want to start sorting myself out first. This last week I've already lost 4 kg and hopefully next week I'll lose 100 kg more...lol. I don't mind the company of older people at least they seem to have a lot more interesting things to talk about and don't automatically assume that you're 'interested'in them if you try and have a conversation i just have to find the right group and start making connections which it's just a bit scary after so l long.
  15. I know how you feel I agreed to end it with my long time partner this week. We were isolated for a long time and I've lost all my good friends now I'm trying to restart life. I would love to make new friends and just forget about him and the years of hell. I'm having too say goodbye to my fur babies and that's my only regret.
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