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  1. You're right, but that was just a general idea of the two most prominent things I can remember off the top of my head from Dublin. Would you say that this two-faced sort of lifestyle hasn't changed/improved with each generation?
  2. I agree, but I believe every country has its racism and issues with things being expensive. Ireland has a lack of diversity in general, so people don't really grow up with different cultures....so I can't really blame them in some context. The sense of community that I've seen in some areas, and hospitality are like no other place I've ever been...
  3. Hahah, I have met quite a lot of people as well in my short time in Dublin. I can name the streets and bars of city centre off the top of my head, and I feel quite lucky to have been able to experience the love of laughter and good 'craic' that people here have.... And I've heard good things about Galway (haven't been yet!) and I would highly recommend going to little coastal towns like Howth and Bray. I would highly recommend coming back and doing exactly as you said! Sounds like a great idea.
  4. I do agree with every bit of what you are saying, and will SERIOUSLY look into this.
  5. I completely agree, but I feel as though this was part of the experience, being on my own, finding a job (I knew it would be hard, but not this dramatically 'impossible'). Thank you for sharing your story, it's nice to hear that I'm not the only one. I'm glad your son did awesome at his new job when he got back! You should be quite proud. Luckily, I also have this sort of support from my parents. However, I don't think staying home is an option for me, for other, more complicated reasons. Also, the second bit is a really good idea! I'll definitely think about it as one of my options. Th
  6. I have found the same to be true, and definitely agree that rent prices are absolutely insane in Dublin. Thank you so much for that link!
  7. *many hugs* I am much better now and have sought help for this. It's a reoccurring theme and I am learning to cope with it everyday. I do have access to and know where I can go to receive healthcare if I need it. I completely agree with the whole feeling 'suffocated' in a small village type of feeling.
  8. I am quite set on staying at the moment. I don't have any experience in restaurant work or bars....and I have only sent resumes online since I am in a rural village in the middle of the country. I don't have access to public transportation, or else I totally would have done that as I know it is more efficient. I will definitely look into hostels and etc- most international environments as you said. It sounds like a good idea. A lot of these WWOOF places and WorkAways are in rural areas (unfortunately) so it leaves on in a 'bubble' kind of environment. None are in big cities or suburban sort
  9. Thank you so much for your realistic and thoughtful input. I actually did experience Dublin at its finest (food and pubs and all) the first two months I was there (June-beg of August), and just the joy of Irish hospitality in such a bustling and beautiful city. It was one of the many reasons why I still strongly feel that I need to stay- and it has always always been my dream to come and work here- not vacation. Thank you so much again. I am humbled by everyone...and really appreciate it beyond words.
  10. I completely agree, and do see it that way as well. But it seems to me that there are absolutely no exceptions to this sort of logic that is running there...which is not common at all. I may be reaching out to the embassy, for reference on further contacts and resources.
  11. Hello. Hope you are doing well. Thank you for your input. It's quite complicated. I can't start my studies again until next fall (I dropped my classes bc of my anxiety issues) because my school said I had to take a proper medical leave. It's part of our school's medical leave policy. I can't be at home for many reasons, but being home is a very sensitive place- I love my parents, I just can't live with them. I had planned this for so long and for it to fall through this way would crush me. Not only that, I paid around 2k + for the working visa, passport, and ticket to get here alone. I also
  12. I might need to clarify and/or edit the topic/question part of my post because thankfully there is no way that I will ever be actually 'homeless,' as my parents would accommodate/help me out. I just would rather be homeless (maybe I'm being prideful) than ever inform them that I came out to a country 5k miles away only to not 'make it work (not even find a job).' I came out here to learn to be independent and fend for myself and I just can't make it work.....They wouldn't be mad at me, but I just feel like I was so happy to be here and assured them that I would find a job/housing with no probl
  13. Hello Hermes, thank you for your response! No, it is not exploitation....it is part of this website called 'Workaway'- where you do manual work in exchange for room and board. I was only going to do it very temporarily before I found a proper job....but I have extended it....and extended it....to the point where it is all I do. Most people only do it for about 2 weeks. I'm a month in....because finding a job seems impossible. Do you still think I should get in touch with the Embassy? I was thinking it is too random/not of relevance to what they actually work with...
  14. Hello everyone, I'm having a little bit of an issue (maybe a little bit more than just an 'issue'). Long story short, I'm on a one year working holiday visa in Ireland. I'm originally from the U.S and took a year off of university to do this (was supposed to be a senior this year). For general background purposes, I was having a lot of stress, anxiety, and depression related issues and thought it would be best for me to be away from school. A few bits of info: -go a decent uni back home, have a decent cv, decent references (even have associate's degree) -extensive experience in man
  15. Thank you so much SherrySher for breaking it down in a realistic manner. I am humbled down to my soul after reading the thoughtfulness, kindness, and love put into each answer. @DancingFool. Thank you for your kind and thoughtful advice(s) as well. It means a lot.
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