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  1. Hi everyone. So I got hit pretty hard this year financially and I've reached a critical point where I simply can't afford to pay my credit card bills. I'm around 10k in debt. Do you think I should file BK or default?
  2. Hey, so I read all your responses and just wanted to clear some things up. Yes, I'm a horn-ball and I do love looking at eye candy as I'm sure a majority of people do as well. Personally, I don't like to objectify women in this manner especially when the specific woman I referred to in my original post put me in somewhat of a obsessive, lustful state. It wasn't something I was able to control at the moment because the feelings came out of nowhere. It's a natural response to want to gravitate towards something that checks off all your boxes when it comes to physical looks. When I said "dream gi
  3. So today my cousin and I made plans to go visit his younger brother in Lake Arrowhead. He called me when he had reached my apartment to meet him downstairs. And so I made my way down from my 2nd floor apartment. But my plan was to go to my underground garage to get my car charger first for the long trip. The closer I got to the front of my building the more I noticed a young girl about 10 feet in front of me, probably in her late twenties or early thirties walking down the sidewalk in my 10 o'clock position. I immediately planted my eyes on her because even though I still hadn't taken her in c
  4. You just sound like your lonely and bored, to be honest. Use a small portion of that money you've saved and perhaps invest in new clothes, workout, and consider having your pictures taken by either a professional or someone who knows how to take quality pictures and use them on dating sites. Bumble is a good sight. Trust me, you'll eventually meet someone. Just be patient man, you're still so young and stop being so hard on yourself. Good luck!
  5. I appreciate your detailed response. It's truly helpful. Me and my ex is a whole, drawn out story not worth going over man so I'll spare you the drama. But I can tell you even though my relationship has been mostly negative, as of late, I've been learning a lot more about myself, so I can't take only bad from it. I'm taking my job hunt day by day. I pray to God that I can start working full time soon, despite this horrible lock-down. If not then I'm going to have to make a complete career change. I dunno, to be honest. At this moment all I want now out of life, next to me and my family'
  6. I appreciate your constructive response. It was very kind of you. I went a step further and hired a professional resume builder to build my resume and cover letter. I've applied to a couple of places but realized I wasn't getting call-backs. I think it was due to my resume not being up to snuff. I had a resume reviewer check it out and let me know my resume need work. Once I receive my new resume and cover letter I'm going to go all out and start applying like crazy. As far as my ex was concern, she did end up contacting me and apologized for her poor choice of words. She professed he
  7. Good news is she admitted to it. Bad news is if she's cheat on her ex then maybe, just maybe, she might cheat on you in the future if for reasons you guys aren't getting along, God forbid. After all, you guys are still new so just sayin'. Btw, don't let this make you act all insecure around her. My girlfriend too has admitted to cheating in the past and so have I but because we're older now those days are behind us. So ya, at least she admitted to it so just accept it for what it is and move on. Good luck!
  8. Ptink, I'm gonna be honest with you so please listen up. You're messing up again. The thing is women sense when a guy starts to become needy and once that starts to happen their attraction level begins to drop quickly. And once it drops to a certain level, it's game over. She seems like a nice, secure person. Of course I don't know hardly anything about her but that's just the vibes I'm getting from what you've written. With that being said, she's back now. She clearly has been thinking about you which means her attraction level went back up. Great news! Clearly you did something right i
  9. Hello. I appreciate your positive feedback. Honestly. I actually do have a pretty good portfolio through my website and just started applying to companies searching for photographers. I'm a Real Estate photographer so what I do is very specific so jobs are much fewer in-between. I have the qualifications but I still get scared that I'm not good enough and get passed up on because of someone who's probably more experienced or that I may say something stupid during the interview. I just wanna land somewhere, prove my worth and build a foundation. I know once I get in I can build their trust
  10. Unfortunately I've learned the hard way. I've already decided to give up on it or perhaps take whatever I can get until I find something else, which I have absolutely no idea what that "something else" is. This is so depressing:(
  11. I agree with what you said, which is why I'm searching for something new for the time being. Please pray for me and I'll pray for anything you've been in need of.
  12. That's really awesome that you turned things around for you. Congratulations. Gives me hope!
  13. Well, the breakup was a wake up call, to be honest. I was planning on riding this wave out until the beginning of next year with the hopes that I can somehow get more clients between that time. But now with this whole Covid-19 resurgence that really dampened my plans. I got super busy couple weeks ago out of nowhere, but of course back then the lock-down wasn't in place. My ex was an ex from 4 years ago and we were having issues but her seeing me not working for a couple weeks must've scared her because she was under the impression I was full time, so ya, she caught on to it and broke up
  14. Hello folks. I'm 45 and live in LA. I currently have a photography business but unfortunately I'm hardly making money in it to sustain a decent living. Heck, even my girlfriend dumped me just last week due to the fact that she thinks I'm a bum and not hustling enough, but I'm honestly doing my best but it's just not good enough. I suppose I lost a lot of motivation and sorta stopped trying. I've paid for ads, gone B2B, created a website, facebook business page, yelp, youtube channel, but it's still not working. I do have a couple repeat client, but pretty much I'm just getting like 1 or
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