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  1. I think that sometimes it's easier to express feelings and thoughts non-verbaly. Sometimes it's easier to keep a secret when you share it with the world. Sometimes stories canbetter be narated without words. And always, as long as the music plays on, you are never trully alone... This is the memory of a dream. Wanted to share it with you. Hope you enjoy! And remember: The show goes on. Always. [video=youtube_share;8xBGlZt2-R4] ]
  2. THE SHOW WENT ON So in a world of “ones” and “zeroes” No place for “twos” no place for heroes Well, that’s how it goes And in a city full of strangers No queen no throne Just hold my hand so we can dance alone… And carry on – the show goes on So take me home – before it’s gone A thousand ends and still beginning Everyone scores but no one’s winning Still, we’re keeping score The show goes on and nothing changes Please stay a while Go wear your face and find a matching smile And put it on – let’s dance alone The show goes on – and then it’s gone And where it goes – n
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