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  1. Thank you so much for that video, it was really interesting. I don't consider loneliness a non-issue at all, I've been battling it for years and years (momentarily filling it up with a girlfriend a couple of times over the last decade) And only recently, last couple years have I become self aware and been trying to help myself. That's why I feel like I have moved a long way, and I try to focus on that, but one of my big issues is, that I don't neccessarily believe in "the one" but I do believe there are very few, maybe a handful out there that ticks me the way that my ex did. The way that this
  2. Hey everyone, It's been a while since I was in here, but I really need to vent, and I ask for your help, somehow.. (Still a bit confused) I've been single for 3 years now, and I've spent most of that time on myself, getting to know myself, love myself, and find myself again after my last relationship, and It has been so great, I have evolved more in the last couple years than ever I think. I have been on tinder and other dating apps for a long time, but never really doing anything with it except for texting with people, I kinda needed contact with the other sex in some way, and I wasnt gett
  3. Definitely! Has been one of my worst demons, the nightmares.. Was pretty much every night first couple of months, then it got a little rarer only to get worse, and now it still happens but fourtenately not as much, think mine got a little worse from some drug abuses one dark time, but none the less horrifying.. A few minor things that helped me was, a 15 minute heart meditation before sleeping, (sometimes it had reverse effect, but with practice it became soooooo relaxing) to clear thoughts and stuff.. Also remind yourself that all your nightmares are dark energy shooting through like the clo
  4. Going to 3rd the walking on egg shells, thats prolly the biggest thing i am noticing, the fact that i can move, talk, smile without comments on doing it wrong, doing it at all or doing it wierd. Also suddenly i can actually be with friends without feeling like the worst guy in the world.. And really what someone else said, not having to wonder if every action of mine is considered bad intentions, instead of love and a huge hired army of thoughts just for her, every word misinterpreted, every message misunderstood, missing a smiley in a text? Apocalypse now.
  5. One time she told me she was tired of seing me smile, especially before/during/after sex.. She wanted me to be a cold ass christian grey type, and unfourtenately i spent too much time trying to be what she wanted.. Damn impossible to satisfy someone like that.. She would complain if i looked unhappy, and she would complain if i looked too happy.. Oh, and yeah she never took 1 single picture of us or requested one during the 3 years we were together, now that everyone mentions that, thought i might aswell too.. Didnt mean the world to me, but i actually cared about our memories and making
  6. I'm getting close to 1 year since the breakup with my ex-gf, and around 10 months of NC (with a few bumps on the road like you, but for different reasons, not trying to compare) and i have to admit, even tho it wont help you, ( (except maybe seing someone still being pathetic and ruined this long after could give you some sort of ironic purpose of avoiding that) I started crying, badly.. like really damn bad, when i read your posts here.. Somehow your story, well your words to be precise, struck the feelings ive been burying and hiding, just to get trough the days.. I am a totally unrecognizea
  7. Just watched Central Intelligence.. damn Hart & The Rock smashes it together! Haven't laughed that much in a long time
  8. Can't stop thinking about a quote my coach gave me today "Life is a mystery to be lived, not a problem to be solved. Life is a mystery to be lost in, not a problem to be handled."
  9. what value does looking good have, if you've got no confidence?
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