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  1. As in romantic like I said before we have even gotten in a way physical. That's why the situation is just very confusing and hard to let go
  2. Thank you I will try my best to keep it that way, because we have tried that and failed
  3. We have met in person plenty of times and every time everything is normal it's fine like a normal relationship. Yea she's 22
  4. I see your point but idk maybe I'm not explaining myself well but I have stopped talking to her and she then gets mad saying that I don't care about her etc so I feel bad and we talk again
  5. As myself. Since April it has been that way. I told her I couldn't be a friend to her bc I'm a very jealous person and she well she says she's confused on how to go on about this. The times that I have told her that this needs to stops she comes back with a deal for us to be in each other's life. By deal I mean like she doesn't talk to guys and so on. The way we text it's not like a friendship. We want advice and opinion on what is best to do
  6. No bc when I told her I asked her to not talk to me cuz I didn't deserve anything and she insisted on talking. Every time I say this is not good she brings up a deal for us to be something. I don't wana stop talking and neither does she but she just gets confused on how she's feeling now
  7. I don't know what she says is that she's confused on how she feels towards the situation. I really didn't feel like I was friend zoned because she has expressed her feelings and we have gotten very deep with that and even physical. We really just wana know if it's better to stop talking or not
  8. About out 2-4 years ago I had a fake profile of a male. I was talking to a girl for a while and then got one of her friends number that's when it all started. We stared to text and text became good friends best friends and then we had even said to be together. At first I didn't think I would develop any feelings, and many many times I did things for her to leave because it wasn't right. As time went by we just got closer and closer to the point where not knowingly I had develop deep feelings for her but I felt so guilty for never wanting to FaceTime her when she asked for talking about future
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