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  1. I'm reading a book with my son (who's almost 12) about a boy his age-ish who loves science and especially loves to create incredibly smelly potions -- there's some foreshadowing about how he might use the potion against the school bully. Lol this made me laugh, thank you!
  2. I just now made this connection to my ex husband. I have some things to think about. I don’t think my looks are the only way to get men. I’m actually not that confident in my looks but I am confident in other things about myself that I think are attractive. For example I’m smart, I have a masters degree in chemistry and a great job. I’m funny, people love to record me goofing off. I’m caring and compassionate, I like to volunteer.
  3. Maybe marriage but neither of us want kids. I have been on several different meds but the ones I’m on now are the ones that work. I do eventually want to get off the meds. I am currently in therapy to develop better coping skills and work through my trauma. There was one other time in my life that I had to go one medication and I gained a lot of weight then too. My ex husband made me feel terrible about it so I came off the meds before I was ready. I did drop the weight but felt terrible so this time I’m going to take my time.
  4. Thank you for your advice and examples from your previous experience. Aside from this issue we get along really well, I almost wish we had other issues and I could say we don’t get along and I could move on from this. But we don’t. We have so much fun together. So I stay.
  5. Thank you for the encouragement. I am 5’5. He is an optometrist.
  6. I know, it’s not right. But I do believe he loves me. Aside from this we get along really well
  7. Can I ask how long you've been together and how old you both are? I ask because I'm trying to understand this dynamic, or nudge things back to a question you haven't directly answered—namely, do you think this relationship might be contributing to very mental health issues you're now dealing with? I am 32 and he is 38, we have been together 3 years. I don’t know that I would say he is contributing to the mental health issues but not necessarily helping them either. I think if I was with a more supportive partner I would have gotten better faster but I k
  8. Thank you for your reply. As far as the medication change I have tried multiple drugs and I am finally on something that works. It’s called abilify my doctor calls it “amplify” because it is known to cause weight gain...but it works really well.
  9. Does it make you less attracted to him?
  10. Yes, it’s so hurtful. He does want me to be mentally healthy but also thin. He says he isn’t proud of it but that’s just the way he feels
  11. Thank you!!! Made my day 🙂 and you’re right it is super unsupportive but he has stuck with me through all my crazy while I adjusted to meds. We have been together almost 3 years now. We get along pretty well other than this topic. I don’t mind my weight gain, I’m finally stable mentally but he hates the extra pounds.
  12. Sorry poor choice of words on my part. I didn’t mean language barrier I meant love language. I need a more gentle approach where he is more aggressive and blunt.
  13. He does try to help but he doesn’t know how to in my language. I need a more supportive and gentler approach.
  14. I have had some recent trauma in my life that caused some serious issues with my mental health. I’ve been put on antidepressants and in 3 months I managed to gain 25 pounds. I went from model thin to 145 lbs. I’ve tried different weight loss efforts over the last few months but have only managed to drop about 5 lbs of the weight. My boyfriend says I am obese and we haven’t had sex in months. I don’t know what to do. I’m trying my hardest but can’t seem to lose the weight. I don’t know if this is ok or not, advice please.
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