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  1. I just feel like something is different. And maybe it's just me being a fool. But I feel like it's worth fighting for. If nothing else it doesn't work out. But the feeling I felt with him is something I want to feel all the time. And in a messed up way, I trust him. Which is weird.
  2. I went on vacation with one of my friends to a resort. While there we met a group of 4 guys that were all in the Marines celebrating their leave together before they were all shipped different places around the world. I ended up instantly clicking with one of the guys and after only a week was head over heels. Knowing he was being stationed in Hawaii and I would be in North Carolina made it hard to think anything would come out of this. My heart started to break, knowing I felt something real. We talked for a few days after the resort. And he called me to inform me that the resort was actually
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