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  1. I overheard the girl that I like having sex??? This girl who I have known for 7+ years, we have a lot of the same friends and we talk to each other daily. I started to like her at one point and I told her this and she kind of went on a date or two but then turned me down. She started dating this one guy though and she never told me and I learned through our friends about him. They broke up around Christmas and I was the first one she called and told and talked to about and then from there we started talking even more. I asked her out a few months later but she was dating him again. I tried to give up on her but I wanted to stay friends. But last weekend we went to a friends cabin and she stayed in a room with her boyfriend and I was in the room next to them and it's a small cabin and the doors are only thin plastic sliding door so you can hear stuff. The ended up having sex with in ear shot of me so I could hear everything. At one point I even heard her say "Do you think he can hear us" referring to me. I couldn't take it though since she knows I like her and I'm trying to get over her and she goes and have sex with another guy knowing I can hear them. I wanted to get up and just tear the door down and just beat the guy half to hell, but I couldn't do that so I left the cabin all together and just slept on the deck that night. The next morning I just went in and grabbed my stuff and never said a word to her or even looked at her. Thing is after this I don't think I want to be her friend anymore. I think what she did was mean and very hurtful, I mean she knew I could hear them and that I like her. So what do you think I should do? Ignore her all together, tell her I heard them having sex and ask her why she would do that knowing I could hear her? Maybe I'm overreacting. Girls is this something you would do if you know a guy who liked you was right there and could hear you? I mean that seems like a very hurtful and cruel thing to do to someone right??
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