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  1. I past the love truck stop we met at the second time we saw each other. We were so happy and excited to see and be with each other then. I had a lump in my throat and anxiety hit me so bad when I started remembering those times. I miss you so much, actually woke up feeling really good today and it.lasted most of the day til I saw that place. I really thought you were the last woman I'd ever be truly happy with. We discussed marriage and how in love we were and we enjoyed each other. But you lied! About all of it. Why? Why did you do that to me. You let me believe these things then destroyed my heart. I will move on you won't beat me. I will find love real love and happiness. Never the less part of my heart is still with you and I want it back you bixxh.
  2. I'm doing OK without you. I keep reminding myself your not good for me and you WILL do this to another guy. I feel sorry for him. You said your going to stay single for the rest of your life but you will need intimacy soon er or later. Just tell him upfront pleaser
  3. Stick it in your ass wxxre. I'm done wondering about you. I hope you drop dead and it's a miserable journey down
  4. Simple advice. Keep telling yourself and know in your heart. You DONT deserve to be treated like that. Look at all the good things in your life and you'll feel a spark of co contentment. The right person will come along one day and this will all be so far behind you, you wont even acknowledge it. We all go through these things and I doesn't kill you.
  5. I have nothing left of hers around me. Not sure if you read my OP but I even quit my job because we were team drivers also and there were way too many memories in that truck. Plus all that windshield time left me with nothing but my thoughts. It killed me inside and I would drift off. 80k lbs of uncontrolled steel wasn't good for anyone. The only place she has a presence In now is my heart and mind. Your insight is very helpful. I OP in breakup titled what to do. I also have one In healing g after breakup plus one "this hole is Killing me" and " much better today". Guess that one was premature. I just want to be me again and the biggest thing for me is I don't even know if it was tough on her!
  6. I accept. Im on day 2 and it is really tough today. We have been broke up for almost 2 weeks now. We have had contact since but nothing about the relationship. It has all been trying to be friends banter. She doesn't deserve my friendship to make herself feel better. I really do still love her so much but I know I have to let go. Especially with the habitual things we did. I hope this thread makes it easier. I have been using the thread 'post here instead of to your ex'. I'm trying everything but I found the best is encouragement from the members here. Thanks for this
  7. God I love you but your no good for me. I gave to find a way to let you go. We had good time until you decided to throw me away. I would have laid down and died for you. I dont deserve this. I found a great woman I'm not sure I'll be able to live because of you. You are selfish this isn't fair you narssastic
  8. Further more you selfish cxxt it was always me doing for you. You brought me into an entire family I fell in love with then ripped it away because you fell out of love. You bxxxh I really wish I could say these things right to you. Matter of fact maybe I will. Maybe I'll feel better. I'm sure it won't bother yoy a bit and you've heard it all before. Best thing that could happen to you is you step in front of a bus!!!!!!!!!!!! How can I be in love with someone I hate sorry HATE sooooo friggin much????????
  9. We texted today and it set me back a few days. You have e a way of giving false hope and keeping me at arms length in case you want a doormat. I'm not going to be that doormat anymore. I love you like no other but your toxic to me. Your talk of marriage was all BS. You used me until there was nothing left. Bit god how I still love you. Your previous 3 marriages didn't work you cast them aside. Maybe I didn't have enough for you to get in a divorce settlement so I wasn't worth the time any more. I will get over you but you'll never know how much it hurts and what you've done to me
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