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  1. makes sense. it’s just confusing how she’d hit me up when it isn’t about class. like the last time she did she acted like she wanted to have an actual conversation but then acted super dry? then matches with me on tinder lol. thanks though.
  2. we’ve hung out one time and i wouldn’t even consider us friends. that part isn’t hard to understand, the part that’s hard to understand is why she keeps hitting me up when she knows MY intentions but ducks on them. also why she hits me up first every time but sends dry responses and the. matches with me on tinder.
  3. Noted, I'll keep that in mind. Thank you!
  4. I understand she's playing a game, but I don't understand how to get out of it lol. If anything she's been the one giving ME attention despite her obviously ducking on my attempts to go out. Like I don't want to be mean and tell her not to talk to me or something but I genuinely have no interest in talking to her if she's going to act the way she is.
  5. We met up and did homework together a few days after I got her snap. I won't see her until next Tuesday, so you think I should ask her then? I'm just hesitant to ask for a 3rd time after she ducked on me the last 2 times. And I tried dropping it after the first go-around, but she's the one who continues to message me first. I'm not sure how much more obvious I could make it either lol.
  6. That's the thing though, I've been backed off since the first time I asked her out. It's always her initiating these interactions. Are you sure it's a good idea to hit her up to hang out a 3rd time?
  7. I know this story is long, I'm sorry! So there's a girl(18) in my(21) class. About a month ago I got her snap and while we were talking that night, I asked if she'd want to do the homework together that week. She said yes and that friday we did just that. We met up at the library, did the homework and talked for a little. I don't think it went bad by any means. Come the next day I replied to a selfie that she posted on her story and we talked for a little until she just sent a picture with nothing. We did that for a little and I eventually just left it on opened. The next day one of my fr
  8. E98

    overthinking it?

    yeah i figured with this being the last week of classes that she might have a lot going on. if she was going to text me it’d be this weekend at the earliest.
  9. Saw a cute girl in the library last night so i decided to go talk to her. I had to run to class and she was also working on something so i got straight to the point and (very nervously) told her i thought she was cute and asked if she’d want to hang out sometime. She said sure and asked for MY number, and said she’d text me. That confused me because i’ve never had that happen before, where i ask a girl out and she asks for my number. I’ve seen on youtube videos and other forums that it might mean they aren’t interested and just didn’t want to be rude. A few of my friends said it’s no big d
  10. thank you!! exactly the advice i was looking for!!
  11. What about someone whos not in my class? Like a girl in the library or sitting outside or something?
  12. What about someone I see maybe at the library or someone who’s not in my class?
  13. Basic question here. I got to a fairly small community college and I was wondering what's the best way to approach a girl. There's a couple girls in some of my classes, but also would like to know how to just approach anyone I might see around. I was always under the impression that just going up to someone, introducing yourself and being direct about your intentions (ex: telling them you think they're cute or anything like that) was a good way to approach someone, but I'd like to get some other opinions. Thanks!
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